Do It For Haiti

Please Join the Giant Iron Snail Art Car the Golden Mean in a benefit for Haiti this Sat

A Monumental Benefit and Clothing Drive
Saturday, February 20, from 2:00 p.m. to midnight
Oakland’s NIMBY will host a full line up of musicians, art installations and performers for a benefit and clothing drive supporting Bay Area organizations working in Haiti.
NIMBY – 8410 Amelia Street, Oakland CA 94621
BART accessible, bicycle and car parking available.
$10  (children under 12 free) Donations of summer weight clothing for children and adults will be accepted on site.
Partnering Organizations:
Architecture for Humanity, CARE, Catholic Relief Services, FONHEP, Kledèv, SOIL, Sirona Cares, What If Foundation, Zanmi Lakay

“DO IT FOR HAITI” Artists and Performers:
From Haiti:
Rosemond Jolissaint:
Seventeen year old Rosemond Jolissaint is one of Haiti’s youngest rising stars. In 2007 he was voted to victory in Haiti’s first annual Digicel Stars competition (the equivalent of American Idol). Since then Rosemond has been attending high school, writing music and performing his music in Haiti and the US to promote social change.
Kalbass Kreyol:
Led by Haitian-born frontman Sophis, Kalbas Kreyol, is a high-energy Afro-Caribbean band that is best known in the Bay Area for its electrifying and uplifting live performances.

From the Bay Area:
The Bodice Rippers:
Joe Rutt and the Ironic Mustache:
Fat Chance Belly Dance with NeferTem:
Funky Beulah:
Diva Marisa:
Naima Shalhoub:
The Society:
Chicken John & Dr. Hal: and
Flaming Lotus Girls:
Omega Recoil – Tesla Coil:
The Museum of Unnatural Selection:
Life Size Mouse Trap:
Therm / Exxotherm:
The Department of Spontaneous Combustion:
The Disgusting Spectacle”
Sustainable Living Road Show:

Beerlesque Fest Feb 12th 2010

The Boiler Bar Performers Headline for the very first time, in the Historic Petaluma Hotel, in front of a live crowd,  in the tradition of those who work so hard, for the honor of drinking Lagunitas beer. Please join us for entertainment the likes we have never seen before!

See with you own untrained eye the wondrous snake charming Queen Tansy
Squirm with trepidation as Mitara balances live cold beer on her head.
Wince and tap your toes to JD’s Accordion wonders
Glue your eyes to Beauty of Jodi’s Eastern accents
And just try to keep up with dyslexia ramblings of yours truly

Dress the part and make us Eastbainians feel at home!


205 Kentucky Street (beneath the historic Petaluma Hotel)
Petaluma, CA, 94952

Phone: (707) 763-6700

It’s 2010 LAUGH!

Happy New Years form the Boiler Bar to all of you who have supported art one drink at a time.

Thanks to all who came and made it a wonderful new years for me and Kyrsten.

I was glad to have some time to talk to friends and see Dismal’s great fireworks show. There were great bands around every corner and 5 fire trucks!

Keep in touch by joining our fan club for the Golden Mean. Our next shop party is in Mid February, where we will be unveiling our new proposed project for Burning Man.

Pictures of our New Years Party 2010

Jon’s Pictures

Will’s Pictures

Kevin’s Pictures

Turkey Shoot it’s over!

West Oakie Turkey Shoot 2009


I saw big kids and small alike shooten for their bird! Man was fresh deep-fried turkey good!

I really want to thank everyone who worked, played, danced, sang, burned, talked, drank, and saw me smile. It was quite the night as these pictures show.

Please send me your links!

Will’s pictures

Karen’s pictures

Liisa’s pictures

Kevin’s pictures

Rick’s Pictures



Whiskey, gun, and a red neck…thanks Che!


Ahhhh the Porch! it transform the parking lot into another place that was not West Oakland. Here it is with the The Easy Leaves making our feet tap!


Jodi lighting a cigarette to the sounds of JD’s banjo.

I watched and enjoyed EL RADIO FANTASTIQUE, Mykee Ramen and the Boiler Bar performers and was sorry I didn’t have my camera to capture what wonderful things were happening on our very little Boiler Bar stage.


And to top it all off CHP finally made it to the party a few hours after sunrise to take a turn at shooting the fire.

Jon’s Pictures

West Oakie Turkey Shoot Benefit Nov 28th

West Oakie Turkey Shoot

to benefit The Giant Iron Snail Car the Golden Mean

& the Electrobite


With the holiday spirit upon us it’s time for a good old fashioned turkey shoot and hoedown. Times is hard and we know not all of you can afford a turkey this year, so drop your last dollar on us and hope your aim is as good as you say.

3 birds will go home to the best shots of the night.

Grand Prize, a Free Range Willie Bird Turkey!
A $108 value!
Best shot of the night wins this delicious bird! We will deep-fry it on the spot!

Featured Art:

The Front Porch


Sarriugarteis (Odontochile) trilobite

The Golden Mean


The Wrecker


While your waiting your turn to shoot get liquored up at the Boiler

Bar and take in the sights of our stage.

Featured Acts:



Brothers Horse


The Easy Leaves


Mykee Ramen


Highlights of The Boiler Bar performers

Including JD Limelight, Tanzee, Denzel, & Jodi

Sponsored by:

bg_left_logoLinden Street Brewery


November 28th 2009, 8pm-2am
2600 Magnolia at 26th street in West Oakland Map
Enter through the Parking Lot Gate
$10 donation to support the Golden Mean
As always at the Boiler Bar: DJ’s, & ravers are welcome to talk and learn.

Sand by the Ton

Sand by the Ton. It was like a playa reduction sauce.


More Pictures by Jon Sarriugarte


Larid and Cyclecide, thanks guys for being you!

More Photo’s by Scott Beale

Sand By the TON this Sat 7/11



The Boiler Bar Sanitarium and Medicine Show has been invited to Sand By the Ton for our biggest show yet.

A relaxing 1920’s seaside spa that features entertainment by fellow
weekend travelers looking to cure a vice, take in the high voltage of the
Hogan’s therapeutic rays, or cure hysteria with West Oakland’s renown fresh
salt air.

The Boiler Bar Seaside Sanitarium and Medicine Show Performers:

Holly Volatile:
Escapes from a straightjacket; Sings of the malady that led to her incarceration; Celebrates by doing a fire filled burlesque strip tease

A sea serpent queen who has come ashore with her serpents; Performs with fire on her fingers and flowers; Fan dancing by the seaside

Struts like a lady with a pastel of balloons to celebrate the seaside Sanitarium’s opening; Dances on top of glass; Charms all with her wayward gypsy dance

Mareeshka & Solimeno:
Performs a beach inspired Charleston; 2 Circassian beauties dance together, longing to escape; For kicks — a Can Can!

Jodi & J.D.:
Escaped monkey goes wild and eats chickens!; A hobo and her musician entertain before being carried off to the Sanitarium; A little doll decides dancing with fire is more fun

Lauren and Jon are our MCs extraordinaire.  With the help of specially trained nurses, they also present the miracle health cure available only at the Boiler Bar Seaside Sanitarium — Hogan High Frequency Apparatus.  This therapeutic device will demonstrate the ability to cure with high voltage.

The Giant Iron Snail Car the Golden Mean


Photo by Paula Wirth


Saturday, July 11 4pm ’til late
at American Steel
1960 Mandela Parkway
Oakland, CA

Dorkbot vs Fight club



Extra Action Nurse!


My Pictures

Karen’s pictures

Great article by Jure Cuhalev

Paula Wirth’s Pictures


Sad to hear fight club at Nimby got canceled! I hear it might happen this coming weekend if they can work out issues with the city. We had a great time at Dorkbot and saw some amazing things done with electricity.

What a wonderful night of entertainment and science. Great to see so many babies, kids and teenagers running down the halls. Reminds me of events I went to as a kid and I hope some of what we’ve made and done rubbed off on them last night. I was asked by several parents to teach a class or have a summer camp of some sort. Young dorkbot. I’m interested and I’ll start thinking how that could work.

what’s next? Pride parade, Zolie Mae’s birthday (my daughter), 4th of July in NV, 200 tons of sand party, sleep and time with my family.

Send me links, and tell me what you liked about the night.

Previous post about Dorkbot

Boiler Bar Performers at Cirque X June 5th


Performing from the Boiler Bar: Tansy & Keda (Denzel and Mareeshka)

Cirque X-St. James Infirmary

10 Year Anniversary Benefit

Friday, June 5th, 2009
9pm to 3am
Paradise Lounge, 1501 Folsom Street, San Francisco

St. James Infirmary is the first Occupational Health & Safety Clinic for Sex Workers and their partners in the United States. On June 5th, we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary with a carnival of decadence – “Cirque X!”

Lorelei Lee (
Tober Brandt
Sister Roma (
M3 (
Honey Sound System (
Dakini (Flux Gusto)
Ariyana La Fey (
Hannah Griffith (
Oliver K. Pavick & Sasha Harrington
Selina Raven & family (
From the Boiler Bar: Tansy & Keda (Denzel and Mareeshka)
Ariyana La Fey
Dottie Lux (
Ginger Virago (
Be Be Sweetbriar (
Suppositori Spelling (
Copper Lantern Fire Theatre (
Ruby Sparks
Kirk Read & Sadie Lune
Catherine Rose (
Eve Minax (
Porn Clown Posse (
Sugar Plum Elves (
Lusty Lady dancers (
XXX SF male porn stars & dancers
Spankings by Kitty Stryker
Advance Tix: $15 General Admission; $35 VIP
Available at:
Door: $20 General Admission; $40 VIP
21 and over; No cameras please!
San Francisco Bay Guardian
SFLGBT Pride Celebration
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Raging Stallion

Maker Faire WOW!

Sun burned and happy to share such a wonderful weekend with my friends and meet new ones!

I’ll post more as I come across story’s and get time to post my own pictures


Alan’s Pictures

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Capt Nemo


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