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Hand Crafted Metal Lighting Fixtures


Here are some examples of custom metal lighting we have made for clients. These light fixtures are hand forged in our shop in West Oakland Ca.

We also have experience with LED lighting combined with old world ironwork. This combination is economical to run, gives off a wide spectrum of lighting colors and can still fit in with Old World styles.

Contact me if your interested in a quote or have an idea of what your after.

books at formandreform dot com

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Hand Forged Lighting fixture

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We just finished and installed this wonderful hand forged light fixture in a private home. It looked great installed and really completes the already great patio area. These blacksmith light fixtures are hand made in our shop by Hino and I. I start with the client’s napkin drawing, photo, or drawing of what they’re after, offer them different textures, then make a site visit to get the scale and feel of the room so the fixture will work with it.

We have been doing a lot of custom metal ceiling light fixtures for homes lately.  I will start posting pictures as I get them photographed.

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Form & Reform on Prototype This!

Prototype This Backyard Water Slide Simulator Build

Prototype This invited Hino and I to be part of the crack team to build the Backyard Water Slide Simulator a few months back. This show will air this week Nov. 12th on the Discovery Channel. Air dates and times. We had a great time building this wonderful machine with a great crew of artists, designers, engineers, videographers, producers and all the others who took care of our every need including the cast of Joe Grand, Terry Sandin, Mike North and Zoz Brooks . I don’t get to be “not in charge” very often and it was enjoyable to go home every night, not having to worry about if this thing would work! Thanks Joe for taking the lead!

Tune in to see how it all works out!


Wow that edit was really bad! This was a great project and the details of building it were far more interesting then watching the hosts play in the water or with a CB radio. There are 2 whole hours thrown on the editing room floor of a great show with all kinds of real drama and education.


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Remember: Fire Is Hot

Camino’s is now Open!

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Opening Night Party at Camino’s Restaurant. The food was great, conversation, warm fire, warm night, and great cocktails. Here is a recipe, more or less, I picked up from the bartenders.

shot of pear Brandy
shot of port
half a shot of triple sec
5 shakes of bitters
twist of Meyer lemon
over Ice

Metal work I did for them

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CAMINO Restaurant opening in Oakland

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More Lighting By Jon Sarriugarte

I made ceiling light fixtures, fire tools, cook grills and wall sconces for Alison and Russel several months ago and I got a chance to see some of it installed today.

Their new place is on the upper stretch of Grand Avenue in Oakland, Chez Panisse Cafe veteran chef and produce buyer Russell Moore has taken over the former Country Home Furniture store to open Camino (3917 Grand Ave.) which should open in the next few weeks. Camino’s cooking will be all about the fireplace — a huge, waist-high stone one that Moore plans to use for rustic dishes like lamb a la ficelle, baked fish and lots of stuff cooked in cazuelas, with pots of beans bubbling in the coals. It feels alot like the Basque boarding house eatery’s I grew up in with the long family style tables and open hearth kitchen. Allison Hopelain, Moore’s partner in life and Camino, will be general manager. In addition to her own small gardening business, Hopelain has worked at Quince, Bar Tartine and Zuni.

To keep up on the official opening date see:


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Gumps Zig Zag shelf

ZIG ZAG Picture Book Shelf

Gumps commissioned me to make them a shelf to hold large picture books! It’s been a great project and they are wonderful to work with. This project involved both the technical challenge of a seemingly unsupported zig zag and a purposed design that is not an everyday need. With the wonderful patina we added, it will make a beautiful sculpture and show off any art books uniquely. I can see my favorite turn of the century tool book on top opened to the page of a Horizontal Drill Press with the operator wearing a tie and bowler hat!

Want one for your home, give me a call.

Sputnik Fire Garden


The Sputnik Fire Garden. A satellite you’ll want to orbit around on chilly nights.

These are made from recycled Halon spheres from ship board fire fighting systems. I added my Hand forged Pan legs and a rail to kick your feet on.

These Gardens are setup to run on propane and can also be setup to run natural gas. Shown here on the highest setting (yellow flame) they can also be turned down to a flickering blue flame. With a set of my hand forged tools you can write in the sand and make amazing fire art. It’s both warm and entertaining!

Contact me if you’d like to own one for your own yard.

Rentals are avalible for these, the Boiler Bar, and Stage for events and parties.


Happy Valentines Day!!

These are new works I made for the Valentines party sale last weekend. I really had fun playing in the shop. These days it’s a rarity for me and very wellcome. The Valentines Party was great fun (sorry I didn’t take a single picture) and I sold several pieces!

Please contact me if your interested in a piece.


Flaming Heart 18 x 24″ $700  sold (call if you want me to make one)



Sputnik Fire Garden 22″ bowl $1100




Touchier 60″ $1100




Catholic Heater 60″ $1100

Zen Fire Gardens for Sale


Here are a few of the new Fire Sculptures I’m working on for this weekends event.


You won’t find a hotter Valentine than this!


Here we’re putting the final touches on our new Sputnik Fire Gardens. These Outdoor fire pits are great for cold spring and summer nights. We fill them with sand and the propane gas burns at the surface creating a magical blue flame that dances on the sand. You can draw in the sand and the fire follows the lines you make! These are both enjoyable and warm.

Past work:

Desert flower

A’s Fire Garden

Please contact us if you are unable to attend and want to find out more about my fire sculptures and pricing.


Lights for Camino’s

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We are wrapping up a fun project for a new local restaurant called Camino’s.

This is one of 4 5 foot wide light fixtures that will be installed next month. Each one of those tubes on the main ring will have a bulb and the wires will drape from one to the other. We also made the wall sconces and brick oven tools for them. I’m looking forward to eating under these lights!

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