Serpent Update

The Serpent Twins

Jon & Kyrsten’s new project for Burning Man 2011

Picture updates

Things are moving along well now and the real work has begun. Hino is working everyday on the head, Kyrsten and I have been prototyping the metal body segments with scales.

Richard and Christine have been helping with blacksmithing and drilling hole. At 3000 hole Christine is now the hole queen!

Kyrsten drawing the scales for the 4th time.

Light test. The shadows are an amazing bonus that we will work more on today to maximize the playa palette.

The Serpent Twins take shape

Prototyping on the Serpent Twins is done and now the real work begins. The fist wing went on yesterday and the white serpent trailers will be done by the end of the week. Feels good to finally start welding stuff. Excited to see the head take shape. More updates to follow as we progress over these next few weeks.

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Hoop for the wing. New wide tires.

Trailer with Battery tray and the 300 LED array that will cover them. over that will be the 55gal white drum. Video!

Benny from Cool Neon is helping us with the LEDs and a driver that will be able to play video.

Burning Man Honorarium Grant for the Serpent Twins!

We received word last week we got a grant!!!!

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