Serpent Update

The Serpent Twins

Jon & Kyrsten’s new project for Burning Man 2011

Picture updates

Things are moving along well now and the real work has begun. Hino is working everyday on the head, Kyrsten and I have been prototyping the metal body segments with scales.

Richard and Christine have been helping with blacksmithing and drilling hole. At 3000 hole Christine is now the hole queen!

Kyrsten drawing the scales for the 4th time.

Light test. The shadows are an amazing bonus that we will work more on today to maximize the playa palette.

Italian Master Blacksmith Claudio Bottero Class June 17th-19th

Italian Master Blacksmith Claudio Bottero, with his son Massimiliano, will conduct a 3 day demonstration/workshop June 17-19 that will focus on the creation of contemporary sculpture using traditional techniques.

The workshop will be held at Michael Bondi Metal Design at 2801 Giant Road, Richmond, CA 94806. Phone: 510-236-2607.

The sculpture will be made up of three different elements, each representing a bird in flight. Each element is composed of two parts joined by a “throttling”, embodying the birds head. The three elements will then be fixed to a base by the end of the wing.

The most important feature of this sculpture is that an oscillation develops throughout the piece thanks to the tapering of the base wing of each element. This gives the entire 10 foot sculpture a lifelike effect.

Friday will consist of Claudio, Massimiliano, and two CBA assistants demonstrating the techniques required to create this sculpture.

The format for the following two days will allow three CBA members per day to work on producing the sculpture, with the help of one of the assistants and the supervision of Claudio and Massimiliano. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch one of the worlds greatest master blacksmiths.

Lunch will be available each day and there will be an opportunity on Sunday afternoon for event attendees, as well as enthusiasts who were unable to attend the entire event, to meet Claudio and his team and to admire their work.

Payment should be made by check, to CBA, and mailed to the following address before June 5th.

Josh Buhlert
CBA Education Chairman
1415 Quarry Rd.
Placerville, Ca 95667

CBA members:
Spectators: $100/ 3 days
$50/ single day
Non-CBA member spectators:
$125/ 3 days
$65/ single day
Sunday 12 P.M. til close: $25
For information regarding the site please contact Michael Bondi Metal Design at 510-236-2607. Info is also available online at




The Serpent Twins take shape

Prototyping on the Serpent Twins is done and now the real work begins. The fist wing went on yesterday and the white serpent trailers will be done by the end of the week. Feels good to finally start welding stuff. Excited to see the head take shape. More updates to follow as we progress over these next few weeks.

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Hoop for the wing. New wide tires.

Trailer with Battery tray and the 300 LED array that will cover them. over that will be the 55gal white drum. Video!

Benny from Cool Neon is helping us with the LEDs and a driver that will be able to play video.

Stage Coach 2011

Stage Coach 2011

What hoot hanging out with the Front Porch at the hootenanny! Lots of great entertainment for the kids, main stage acts, homemade BBQ and minimal crowds.  This is the place to be. After hours we headed out into camping with the David Luning band and got quite a crowd! Line dancing, swing dancing and staggering cowboys wondering why this house kept moving.

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Railroad Revival Tour… Oakland

The Railroad Revival Tour with Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Mumford & Sons, and Old Crow Medicine Show, started its first journey last Thursday with a concert in our corner of West Oakland. The Golden Mean and the crew got a chance to perform and see the show and what a hoot it was!
Great to meet some of the band members and play with the kids. We all throughly enjoyed a relaxing show with a great promotion company, music crew and audience. Great day!

More pictures

Old Crow Medicine Show

Wish we could have seen more of this band. Their music has been the sound track to the Snail car and the Front Porch for the last 2 years! Next time this tour happens they need to hook up a few flat beds to the train for us to take our toys on!


Happy Birthday Lydia! Wish I was still 22!

Zolie Kyrsten & I on the Golden Mean enjoying a beautiful sunset over San Francisco bay from the lower bottoms of West Oakland


Post March Madness

This was a fun party with plenty of toys and boys.

More pictures

Will’s pictures


Christopher lighting the fire

John and Chris

Lost 2 eyebrows, the hair on my right leg and a good part of my sideburns sitting here…thx John!

Coil and Bulbs

The West Oakland Tesla Drill team performing “Crossed Swords”





Burning Man Honorarium Grant for the Serpent Twins!

We received word last week we got a grant!!!!

See more about this project here

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March Madness B-day Celebration

A combined birthday celebration of talent and art as never before seen!

3pm till we finish our pancakes.

Tesla’s, art cars, fire, robots and you!

2600 Magnolia, Oakland CA
Look for the red light in the fence


Come celebrate the following people:

Rich Sciortino, Kim, Fucking Andy, Luke, Dan, Mike Kennon, Scottie Chapman, Nara Brados and more.




Beyond Wonderland 2011

Beyond Wonderland 2011

Great to be back for our 3rd show with Insomniac! Lots of familiar faces and a warm welcome for the snail and crew! This year we brought our new remote fired flame ball and let the crowd light up the night sky to warm the rest of us. I always enjoy seeing people smile when they realize they just made that huge fireball. Meet up with some great DJ’s and even got to hang out with Paris Hilton!

John in his steampunk finest letting the girls shoot fire balls.

More pictures

Each one of these fire balls shoots a different shape. Disk, ball and a ring.

The die hard fans waited in line to get a turn at shooting the fire from the snail. Lots of smiles.




That’s a Plenty of light fixture

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Light of Plenty for any room. This light flows from the ceiling filling the room with warm light. Hand forged details on every piece of steel.

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Lighting fixture 24″ x 36″ high.
Forged iron, glass and AC
Form & Reform
Designed by Jon Sarriugarte


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