Boiler Bar Performers

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Performers : (min 4 performers are recommended)

Available Acts:

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Denzel– Dancer Denzel is the 21st century’s answer to old fashioned entertainment!  With her beautiful costumes and lovely physique, she can provide a variety of acts to enliven and amaze any gathering. Denzel adds the perfect ambiance to a party when performing, strolling among the guests, or teaching a small group how to dance in the exotic “Orientale” style.

She is available for: Dancing on Glass, Vintage Dance Orientale, Middle Eastern Folkloric Dances, Sword and Vessel Balancing, Amusing Vaudeville Pieces, Fire Contact and Eating, Fire Belt, and Old Timey Music Songstress.


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Mitara- Mitara is the mastermind of crowd pleasing entertainment.  Beauty meets grace and charm as she balances not one, but two swords; trays of frosty beer mugs; or lit candles.  Her comedic genius flashes while mid-air on the slack rope.  Performances are tailored to each event and accompanying her are her beautiful costumes made to perfection.


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Holly Volatile- Holly Volatile literally lights up the stage with fire!  With her beauty, humor, and wit she is an accomplished performer and crowd favorite.  Available for acts involving Fire Eating, Contact, and Breathing.  Burlesque! — Fire infused and otherwise.  Chanteuse of 1930’s songs and sideshow Straight Jacket Escape.


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Tansy- Tansy charms snakes, fire and audiences.  She is a graceful dancer, an enticing fire performer, and has the most lovely serpentine partners one could ask for.  She and her serpents also make a lovely presence in a crowd, and she is happy to introduce them to the more fearless guests.

She is available for: Snake Charming (onstage and off), Dance with fire (fans or fingers), Sword balancing, Fan dancing, and Danse Orientale.


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MareeshkaYears of following the gypsy lifestyle has culminated in firey performances on the Boiler Bar Stage for Mareeshka. Known for her
dazzling smile and warm interaction, the crowd is ready for a treat when she appears. Mareeshka is available for sizzling CanCan routines, Tap Dance, and Belly Dance. She can balance just about any dance prop, from swords to trays to pots. And those saucy Fire Fingers and Fire Belt come alive under her control.


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Solimeno Exotic Solimeno is a dance chameleon enchanting and engaging audiences with a range of performances: Sultry belly dance, hair-raising balancing acts (scimitar or simple sword, fire bowl, mysteriously smokey dry ice vessels), hot and fire-y props (firebelt, fingers, fans, handlamps, fire ropes), energetic Cancan and saucy old-fashioned lingerie model. Solimeno is available to entertain your guests on-stage and through audience walk-abouts as well as teaching any of her performance skills.



Lauren- Our Card Girl and Ballyhoo sidekick with the mostess, Miss Opportunity adds humor and her considerable talents to the stage.  She is available for MCing, Fire Fans, and old fashioned Burlesque.  Lauren also operates the Boiler Bar proper.


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Jon-The magnanimous maestro of the Boiler Bar troupe, able to herd cats and bend steel with nary a flinch, our  impresario, Jon Sarriugarte, will entertain you with fabulous (or fascinating) folklore and dangerously dyslexic stage show patter. Not only does he introduce the acts and excite the crowd, he is responsible for all the sets, props, bar, and stage that make up the Boiler Bar Theater.

Available to MC any gathering in his vintage suits and regale all patrons at the bar with harrowing tales of blacksmithing.  Very talented at auction hosting as well!


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Guest ActsРPhat ManDee, One Man Banjo, Dwoira, Louis the juggler, and Miss Melanie’s Oddity Emporium

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