Traveling Wonders Of the Boiler Bar

The Traveling Wonders of the Boiler Bar

The Oil Punks of the Boiler Bar have been industriously toiling away to make for your enjoyment a mixture of mechanical Wonders and Acts of Science presented from their very own stage!

The Golden Mean (snail car), Electrobite and  Golden Zeppelini are  kinetic art sculptures that can move about the crowd or remain corralled in our ring. All three are rich in details for day time viewing and have their own light shows for night.

The four Vortex fireball cannons shoot wonderful rings, balls, and disks of fire creating fire sculptures in the air. They are controlled with a wireless remote allowing audience members to shoot them from a safe distance outside the perimeter.


Presented for the first time in it’s entirety

Empire of Dirt EDC Vegas 2011

Empire of Dirt is a new destination within the EDC festival. A different blend of electronica music and sights as never witness before. We have brought together 3 bay area art groups Omega Recoil, The Front Porch & the Traveling Wonders of the Boiler Bar to warm hearts, shock the soul, and sooth ears with the comforts of home. We envision the porch driving onto a lush Astroturf covered stage with Beats Antique playing and Zoe belly dancing on the grass in front! Tesla coil shows, fire balls and the sights and sounds of the wondrous creatures of the Boiler Bar will entertain between sets and accent the beat of the music on stage!

New for EDC the Oilpunk Street Light Array. These hand crafted lights by Jon Sarriugarte have over 1200 fully addressable RGB LEDs to create moods from steampunk candle flickers to rainbow candy loops.

Other Available sets

Our 20X20 ft circus tents provide shade and handmade decorative flags, backdrops, curtains, banners, and skirting complete our Oilpunk carnival and sideshow.

And on the Boiler Bar Stage our very own Ringmaster presents the Mechanical Wonders, encouraging only the bravest of men to step forward and tame the beast themselves to warm the hearts of the lady folk.

Once drawn to the flame the audience will be rewarded with the sights of which they have never heard or seen but only dreamed. Dancing girls of the Boiler Bar, wondrous music of  El Radio Fantastique , feats of bravery and acts of amazement.

I am open to other performer on stage.

Show Reels

Boiler Bar, Omega Recoil and Justin Gray are all featured in this reel.
They are available as well but this presentation is only for the Boiler Bar

Oakland Industrial Arts – Festival reel from brad l cooper on Vimeo.

Art Cars

The Golden Mean



Vortex Fireball Cannons

These use a redundant safety wireless remote and are propane fueled. Propane to be supplied by the venue.

Traveling Wonders Set

Cars, sets and props are all staged lit with cans or have built in LED lighting


The hand painted Boiler Bar Stage

Acts for the stage

7 performers, min one set in the afternoon and one evening each day.

Boiler Bar Performers

El Radio Fantastique

8 performers & 4 burlesque dancers, min one set in the afternoon and one evening each day.


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