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Serpent Twins by Jon & Kyrsten

picture by Tansy Brooks

picture by Tansy Brooks

Jon Sarriugarte

Kyrsten Mate & Jon Sarriugarte

Jon Sarriugarte

Kyrsten Mate & Jon Sarriugarte with the Giant Iron Snail Art Car the Golden Mean

Zolie Mae Sarriugarte & Kyrsten Mate in the Giant Iron Snail Art Car the Golden Mean

Zolie & Karydis in the Golden Mean

Photo by: Tattoo John

photo by: Luke Szczepanski

photo by:




Zoile Mae Sarriugarte

photo by Christopher Michel

Fire Sculptures

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Jon Sarriugarte Bio’s:

Form & Reform

Fire Gardens

Boiler Bar:

We took inspiration from the 1920’s Oil rush to create the Boiler Bar and Boiler Bar Theater.

The bar is riveted top to bottom and topped with a fire show that for a tip will get you a 8 foot fire ball from the bar tender.

I have created Zen Fire Gardens that will amaze a sober patron and wow the eyes.

While enjoying the warmth of our fire and the comfort of a drink you can take in the sights of exotic belly dancers, fire performers, and readings from the biggest little stage, at the “Boiler Bar Theater”.


Jon Sarriugarte (Fire Art, Boiler Bar)


Holly Volatilee
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