Stagecoach 2010

Stagecoach 2010 was a hoot!

I have never seen so many cowboys in one place. Over 50,000 people came and camped for 2 days of music. I got invited along to crew with the Front Porch and drink. I got a chance to try out my cowboy jokes and generally harrass anyone I saw. We were well received starting our days out at 9am and did I mention my new morning drink, the Beermosa. Now we can drink before noon!

1 can Bud light
1/2 cup OJ
Over Ice, in a cup
Drinking game:
Duck tape your fresh beer to the top of the last one.
Great way to keep track of  how many you drank and at the end of the night you have a walking stick to get home with.

The Art and Music was great, but the people, my friends, the marines who woke us every morning at dusk, the Stagecoach crew and these pictures are what I’ll remember.

What was that!

The Front Porch at the HALF-PINT HOOTENANNY right next to the beer garden and the cleanest toilets at the event!

Girls and Beer

Cowboy Jazz hands

Thank god these 2 came along to do our dishes!

Great performance on the stage by Andrea Harrell

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