Cupcakes Car for sale at Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus has their new “Christmas Book” catalog out and the over the top gift this year is my friends cup cakes cars. All the money spent on these goes to the artist! Tell all your friends!

Update: Electric cupcakes will be featured on the Today Show, Oct 14th 2009. Not sure what time, but they will be in Rockefeller Plaza.

Surreal video form the Today show


Keith Greg and Lisa take a ride in colorful Berkeley


Put on your matching hat, slip under the muffin top of your Cupcake Car, and let the world figure itself out for awhile. Get (or give) the sheer, joyful chaos of a gift that is mind-blowing, triple-dog-dare, double-infinity forever cool. Make the kids or grandkids literally squeal with joy. Bring it to work and buzz the breakroom. Crash parades! Putter about the ‘hood. Ever had a crowd of kids chasing after you just for the crazy gleeful heck of it? (No worries, the top speed is a comfy-safe 7 mph.) What’s it made of? A 24-volt electric motor, a heavy-duty battery, sheet metal, wire, fabric, wood…and mad genius. Launched at Burning Man as a cooperative art car project, the Cupcake Car sprang from the fevered mind of Bay Area artist Lisa Pongrace and her less-rules-more-laughs posse of artists and techno geeks. Yours will be tricked out with your favorite topping, so start thinking flavors.

Call 1.877.9NM.GIFT for details.
Customized Cupcake Car
Price $25,000.00
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