Serpent Twins at Burning Man

Burning Man 2011

This project turned out to be a winner! After all the hard work we were so grateful to have everyone tell us how much they loved our serpents!

A really big thanks to my crew and family who hung with me to the end.

Thanks to Burning Man, our friends and to the burners who bought shade, for your financial support.

My photo’s

Will’s Pictures

Video of the serpents

Because We Can

 These beast are so fun to drive. We slithered back and forth looking for prey to cull out of the crowd and surround with our 50ft long bodies. The horror on their face that quickly melted into a giant grin made my week night after night. Kisses to you all and sorry if I ran over your toes!

 Zolie at her 5th burn. She kept the tongue and diamond clean all day.

 beautifully lit serpents

 the tail built with the help of Because We Can


 A wonderful picture by Arin Fishkin of the Serpents and the Electrobite
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