ETech 2009

Great day (thanks Dale and the Make crew). I don’t get out in the real world much and I always love learning new things at these events. From afar I don’t think I have anything in common with the tech world but I always find common ideas and go home wanting more. Here’s what I walked away with:

  1. 1 gal of gas equals 1000 man hours of labor. Try rototilling your garden by hand sometime and you will know this to be true. I love the smell of gas and fresh turned soil.
  2. A chicken needs 200 calories a day and provides 96 calories/ egg. Not bad if most of that can come from your yard and food scraps. Auto chicken door needs refinement (another project).
  3. You can grow food using LEDs. Not sure why I would do this as I live in sunny CA and the sun has been working just fine, but now I know. more
  4. Educating my kid to change her habitual electrical use, and to remind me to do the same will probably work better than another gadget I never look at after the 1st week. I’m thinking an incentive program where youths turn in their parents for wasting resources!
  5. We are all to overwhelmed by information and each other to enjoy life. One of the reasons the events I host have been so popular. We show people things, then give them space to talk about it and to possibly participate if interested. Going to incorporate that into this blog with more how too post.
  6. Glad to see the people at Adobe are thinking about the impact packaging makes on the environment and front end solutions to aid designers in making educated environmental decisions.
  7. Robots won’t replace Zolie (my daughter) anytime soon.
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