The Raygun Gothic Moon Rover – S.C.O.U.T.

Fellow builder Tom Sepe who built the steampunk motorcycle I first saw at Maker Faire a few years back is on a new project that looks to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see it finished and driving on the playa. I can’t think of a better moonscape photo shoot! I got to see the 1980’s cassette deck by Pioneer he picked up for it, but the reference to vintage made me feel ..well..old. Now I wish I had a way to get the SS Alpha Fox out to the playa too. Anyone have a spare trailer and tow? 3728110979_f78ffe94ab

Concept Drawing

1 min Video of engine test:

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The Raygun Gothic Moon Rover – S.C.O.U.T. (Science Crew Operations and Utility Testbed version 1.0)
will serve as the transportation and service vehicle for the crew of the Raygun Gothic Rocketship a 40ft tall rocket being built in time for launch at Burning Man 2009. The SCOUT began life as a 1981 Honda Odyssey 1-seater dune buggy, but after some major frame modifications (PHASE 01), installation of a 125cc motorcycle engine (PHASE 02) and future addition of scientific instrumentation (audio/visual communications, utility and marker lights, auxiliary power generation and energy storage devices, onboard analog computer system, robotic arm, remote toolshed and intergalactic portal stabilizers), she will be ready anything the harsh environment of a semi-inhabitable planet can dish up. Oh yeah there will be a satellite dish too.
Currently the project is has been green-lighted for a fast track prototyping phase, with design and development occurring simultaneously and or efforts have been fruitful: on August 4th 2009, we successfully navigated the Rover around an entire city block, avoiding numerous obstacles including a speed bump, train tracks, a motorcycle officer and a Shipyard forklift. There are still improvements and fine tuning to be made to the drive train, however we are ready to move into PHASE 03 of adding the necessary auxiliary and support equipment. Deadline for completion: August 19th 2009, which gives us exactly 14 days!
Concept & Construction By Tom Sepe
Built with assistance from Phil “Peef” Sadow, Wayne Miller, Rachel Riggin, Tory Fink, Anna Bradley, Anton Belkins, and soon Greg Jones. Hopefully. and more to come…
A big shout out to Sean Orlando, David Shulman, Nathaniel Taylor and the rest of the Rocketship Crew for all the support!
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