Electrobite at Burning Man

Sarriugarteis (Odontochile) trilobite


Dust free just out of the truck.


People would walk up and ask if it was remote controlled. When I pointed out the leather seat and the joy stick they couldn’t believe you could drive it. Lots of smiling faces when we let them try it out.


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Electrobite progress

Amy’s seat, Kyrsten’s lights, lots of sleeplittle nights and we are done! Off to BM to show it off tonight. I posted more picture to my flickr site. Looking forward to sitting in a chair and drinking beer for a week.



Patina is done and boy does it look great! We always have to pray to the patina gods before , but the problem this time was me grabbing the wrong chemical bottle. Little too brown for Kyrsten’s taste, but beautiful none the less.

Mike came by to wire up the lights last night, and Amy brought by the finnished seat… wow! I’m looking forward to seeing all the parts: eyes, seat, and lights together on the car at once.

More pictures



Up till 6am and all the fabrication work is done! Now for the patina, paint and lights.


New Picturesdsc_0456




Kyrsten’s rivets look great! All the forged textures and hand hammered sheet metal look great together. As I make something this complex it’s some times hard to see ahead to make sure it’s all going to work together. Today was one of those days that I felt it did. Might feel different once I turn it over and start on the tail but today the head worked for me. Kyrsten started on the lighting by building the battery box for the cutest little 12v 7amp hr gel cell. All it’s going to do is run LED so it should last the entire week for Burning Man. Had a minor time set back today when I had to visit the ER to have some metal removed from my eye. It was quiet there and we were back by lunch. Still a bit painful, but eyes heal fast.


sheet metal wood and a hammer


Can’t wait to see Tansy’s eyes in place and Amy’s leather seat!

More pictures here

Electrobite vs sleep

Who needs sleep. Lots of late nights and things are starting to take shape. After looking though more pictures on flicker trilobite pool I’m going to have to make more of these! One for each one of our family minimum. So many shapes, spikes,.horns, wiggly things, leathery winged horns with multi pitted eyes.


There are going to be lots of jokes about that controllers placement!


The head sheet metal is cut and ready to install. Kyrsten’s patterning and cuts look great.


Here’s the texture were thinking to add to the head.


Kyrsten and Zolie test driving the new controller.

More pictures

Electrobite work gets underway

We are now in full work mode on the Electrobite car. Frame is done for the seat and today I forged the points for the head loop. We upgraded the wheels after our playa tests last month. I don’t think we will have any problems now, and the slightly bigger size makes it even faster.



Zolie and I hauling away the “extra” parts from the wheelchair we started with.


Tansy’s glass test for the eyes! Wow this is going to be great looking! Kyrsten ordered RGB LED’s to put behind.

Hogan is Done WOW!

This thing just keeps getting better! We just started to play with toys and human subjects. Can’t wait to show it off this weekend at Dorkbot




My pictures tonight

Willivolt’s pictures

Boing Boing


Hogan Restoration and Test

I will be showing this at Dorkbot next week!




Thanks to Omega Recoil crew, Alan and Tackett for help in restoring this amazing piece of history!

Restoration Photos

Test Photo’s

Oudin Resonator

This Related post has more pictures of where I found it and links to paperwork for it.

Hogan High Frequency Apparatus


I found this gem at the CBA smithing conference this weekend! Was left outside for a few years, but looks to be in working order. I found a few articles about it, but could use some more insight before we fire it up. Hoping to have it ready for the May Day Party this weekend!

Settings on theĀ  Hogan High frequency apparatus made by McIntosh Electrical Corporation include: Tesla coil, d’Arsonval Solenoid, and Oudin resonator.

Great site: Electrotherapy Museum

Hogan Electrotherapeutic Machine

McIntosh Hogan Oudin Resonator Cabinet

Old Ad

Pictures of one

More pictures of mine




Starting the night my drinking buddies and I took over my wife’s Craft night to solve the problem of aging brandy before the “End of Ages” comes in 2012, we came across this single sentence in an old book from the 1930’s. “The treatment with pure oxygen gas with or without an electric burrent”. We discussed at long length what a burrent was and where we could get one, then decided it was a typo and they ment current. Fortunately I just happened to have a luminous transformer in my basement, fortunately for my house we were fresh out of oxygen (can you think of a more flammable cocktail)? A couple of clothespins, wire and a glass full of bitter brandy and we were ready. Not much could be seen as we pumped 15,000 volts into the brandy, but much to our surprise, once removed, the taste had smoothed considerably. We had drank to much at that point to finish the job, but settled on the name VOLT/AGED for our new process.

Several nights later we set up production at my shop in West Oakland and added a copper pipe system that featured a Jacobs ladder that could be short circuited in the drink to be “treated”. This gave the us the visual that was missing from the 1st night and more surface area in which the reaction could now take place. We now had a 15,000 volt cattle prod with plenty of places to grab that was going to be right in the middle of a bar!

The next day (slight hangover) we added the safety cage complete with vintage rivets, Oil Punk plexiglass, and a timer to keep track of how many years we wanted to age it.

It was a hugh hit at the Mouse Trap Party and made Jack Danell’s a sipping drink!

Come see this and more at Maker Faire

May 3-4

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