Zeppelini Stolen from Mussolini

Mussolinis Möchtegern-Zeppelin

With much love and skill achieved Jon Sarriugarte mobility crazy dreams. His latest coup is a golden miniature Zeppelin, for the hobbyist also has the same thought of a Gaga-back story: The aircraft will he found in the estate of Mussolini.

Did the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini actually decide with a golden miniature Zeppelin in the Second World War in his favor? Nonsense with tomato sauce. This prevents the crazy freak hobbyist Jon Sarriugarte certainly not because, just to spread this story. On the Hippie Burning Man Festival in the U.S. state of Nevada, he drove up with a brilliant and surprisingly nimble Gold Zeppelin and enchanted young and old.


The Golden Zeppelini Instructable

Here is my new Instructable for my latest creation.

The Golden Zeppelini

Thanks for the votes! Now it’s up to the Judges.

I won 1st place!!!

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The Golden Zeppelini

The Golden Zeppelini

The Build

The Instructable

photo by: Christopher Michel

In high school I was friends with the great grand daughter of Rommel the Desert Fox. She told me a story then she had heard about Mussolini’s top secret rigid air ship program in the 1930’s. I did some research last year in preparation for a BM grant and found this incredible airship. Modeled after the German program with help from them. Their ship was much smaller and covered in a gold finish. A later discovery of the crew outfits was a wonderful surprise and of course they had surpassed the the German’s ten fold.

Dusty original discovered!

Finished and ready for flight!

Full crew

Golden Mean and the Zeppelini

Empire of Sky

My latest build is half done and working great! It’s based on the Zeppelin built for the Navy called the Macon.

The drive for this build is an electric wheelchair. I’m able to quick release the motor and drop it out the bottom for service. It’s really fast and as you can see from the video it turns on a dime and clears a 16 foot space of any thing in it’s way.

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Looks very similar

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