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This post was written by Form & Reform on June 21, 2009
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Sad to hear fight club at Nimby got canceled! I hear it might happen this coming weekend if they can work out issues with the city. We had a great time at Dorkbot and saw some amazing things done with electricity.

What a wonderful night of entertainment and science. Great to see so many babies, kids and teenagers running down the halls. Reminds me of events I went to as a kid and I hope some of what we’ve made and done rubbed off on them last night. I was asked by several parents to teach a class or have a summer camp of some sort. Young dorkbot. I’m interested and I’ll start thinking how that could work.

what’s next? Pride parade, Zolie Mae’s birthday (my daughter), 4th of July in NV, 200 tons of sand party, sleep and time with my family.

Send me links, and tell me what you liked about the night.

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