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After years of desert travel in the Blackrock desert for Burning Man and other events my friends and I have come up with this great sun shade system to keep us and our kids out of the hot sun. This shade canopy gets rid of the tie wires altogether, holds up great in strong winds and is expandable so you and your camp mates can build one big structure out of everyone’s structures. It also features a unique staking system that places the stake inside the leg pole. A set nut/bolt is welded to the bottom of each leg to hold the leg securely to the re-bar eliminating dangerous stakes poking out of the ground at every leg.

By purchasing these shade structures you are supporting our Theme camp The Empire of Dirt, Our Honorarium Installation at Burning Man in 2011, The Serpent Twins and the Giant Iron Snail Car the Golden Mean


Please spread the word

Update: 8/15/11

We are officially sold out of shade.

Thanks to everyone who helped with making the kits, and to everyone who purchased them!  You have pleased the serpents tremendously.

Update: 8/11/11

We were able to order a handful of extra parts after we sold out last week which gave us about ten extra shade structures to sell.  We are currently down to six.

Also, there won’t be anyone in the shop after August 22nd (by that time we’ll all be on our way to the playa!) so when placing your order, keep in mind that you’ll have to pick it up before then.

Hope all your preparations are going splendidly!


Update: 8/3/11

These kits are selling out folks, as of this morning we’re down to our last 25!  The order form and paypal link will stay up until we sell out, but if you’re planning to order, NOW IS THE TIME.

When you place your order, please immediately begin making arrangements to pick it up.  We’d much rather use the space in the shop for building  serpents than for storage.  The serpents by the way are coming along beautifully!

Sorry, we won’t be shipping any more shade orders.  All orders must be picked up at the shop, but hey, that means you get to see the art your purchase is helping to support in progress.

We received a shipment of shade cloth yesterday.  We’re happy to sell it first come first serve. Shoot an email over to telling us how many you’d like and when you can come pick it up.

The shop is generally open:
Monday-Friday 10am to 5pm
Thursday 10am to 9pm
Saturday 11am to 8pm

Update: 7/22/11

I will be in the shop working on the serpent the week of Fri. & Sat. and I will be in the shop Monday though Friday next week 11am to 5:30 pm each day. I suggest you place your order online and I will contact you once the kits are ready for pick up.

I was able to order more parts this week and I expect them in today.The 70 plus kits I just got in 2 weeks ago sold out in a week! I recommend ordering now, as I anticipate all kits to be sold by Aug 1oth.

Pickup: It’s best to pick up the entire kit, including all poles, from me directly in West Oakland. Please bring a vehicle that can carry 10′ poles.







New heavy duty parts and better quality ball bungees

more pictures

Pictures of shade structures

Each base unit has:

  1. smchiaca00132 7pc 10′ 1″ metal poles with setscrew on base & 6pc 8′ leg poles ( the finish size will be 12x20x8′ tall)
  2. smchiaca0006 6pc 1″ metal 5 way canopy fittings (using 5 ways on every corner make this structure easily expandable)
  3. smchit044e 12×20 heavy duty sunblock silver tarp
  4. smchic074 45pc 6″ ball bungies
  5. 6pc 5/8×24″ rebar stakes (these go 18″ into the ground and the 10′ poles lock to the top with a set screw) No guidelines, and no stakes to trip on!
  6. smchiaca0002 3pc 1″ tube extension and 2′ x1″ pole


Like this but with 5ways in every corner

Base Kit 12×20′  $260



Like this but with 5 ways in every corner

Base Kit $260 with 3 leg add-on kit $190 for a 24×20′



Total $450

These Items are only available for local pickup in Oakland Ca



I don’t recommend tarps for walls on these structures. They work well because there is very little wind resistance from the flat roof structure. Adding tarp walls would add a huge wind load and failure in high winds. Using shade cloth has worked well for us,  cuts down on the sun and still allows the wind to come though. Below is the shade cloth we offer. Please make sure to order additional buggies cords to hang it. Purchase below in supplies.






New tote to hold your shade parts. It’s a 27gal tough tote and it will easily hold a 20×24′ base kit’s small parts, stakes, 24″ poles and tarps. purchase below in supplies.






Hi Jon,

Thought you might like this shot of our 20’x36′ shade in situ in Black Rock City.

It functioned perfectly for the week: packed easily, went up fast, survived all the wind with no complaints,

and came down and packed up even faster. In our camp surrounded by RVs, it wasn’t even necessary

to stake the corners.

What’s not to like? Thanks for a great solution at a very fair price.


Thought you might be able to use this iPhone shot of what a 20×36 shade looks like before deployment.


It gets a 9 out of 10 on the “do more with less” scale.

Other ideas for this year:







Contact Jon or Michelle at (best), or 510 444 7007 (better to email)

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