Italian Master Blacksmith Claudio Bottero Class June 17th-19th

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Italian Master Blacksmith Claudio Bottero, with his son Massimiliano, will conduct a 3 day demonstration/workshop June 17-19 that will focus on the creation of contemporary sculpture using traditional techniques.

The workshop will be held at Michael Bondi Metal Design at 2801 Giant Road, Richmond, CA 94806. Phone: 510-236-2607.

The sculpture will be made up of three different elements, each representing a bird in flight. Each element is composed of two parts joined by a “throttling”, embodying the birds head. The three elements will then be fixed to a base by the end of the wing.

The most important feature of this sculpture is that an oscillation develops throughout the piece thanks to the tapering of the base wing of each element. This gives the entire 10 foot sculpture a lifelike effect.

Friday will consist of Claudio, Massimiliano, and two CBA assistants demonstrating the techniques required to create this sculpture.

The format for the following two days will allow three CBA members per day to work on producing the sculpture, with the help of one of the assistants and the supervision of Claudio and Massimiliano. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch one of the worlds greatest master blacksmiths.

Lunch will be available each day and there will be an opportunity on Sunday afternoon for event attendees, as well as enthusiasts who were unable to attend the entire event, to meet Claudio and his team and to admire their work.

Payment should be made by check, to CBA, and mailed to the following address before June 5th.

Josh Buhlert
CBA Education Chairman
1415 Quarry Rd.
Placerville, Ca 95667

CBA members:
Spectators: $100/ 3 days
$50/ single day
Non-CBA member spectators:
$125/ 3 days
$65/ single day
Sunday 12 P.M. til close: $25
For information regarding the site please contact Michael Bondi Metal Design at 510-236-2607. Info is also available online at




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