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Once a year Pixar has a car show called Motorama and invites the friends and family of Pixar to show off their cars. My wife Kyrsten Mate has done the sound design for several of the Pixar Movies including The Incredibles, and Ratatui and we got invited to show our Snail Art Car the Golden Mean last week. Great campus and plenty of wonderful cars.

Pictures of our day at Pixar’s Motorama


Beautifully restored engine


Tatra v8


What a parking spot! we had to do a bit of 4 wheeling to get there! the kids loved shooting the fire.




Zolie screaming with delight “Nemo!”

Thanks to Jay and Gary and all of Pixar for a wonderful day!

More Pictures

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very nice to see. the golden mean looks superb there and its good that pixar got to experience it. the Tatra has long been a favorite image. a treat for your daughter for sure.

Written By james on July 18th, 2009 @ 4:51 pm


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