SFMOMA Artist Gallery {Wondrous Strange} Opening

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A Wondrous Strange night at SFMOMA Gallery

What a great show! I love shows where art and craft meet and these artists are gifted in both. Wonderful use of real materials and humor. Look for Kathy Aoki  showing the “Tomb Room” and several other artifacts from the Gwen Stefani Archeological Dig ( 2468-2478 A.D.).


Zolie trying to hide from the Grannies. I think someone didn’t understand what Steampunk was when they hired the band and forgot the steam. They were great until they got shut down for being too loud. Nice to see good old fashion punk is still alive and well!

Steampunk boys enjoying a smoke.

Zolie hugging here car the Golden Mean and watching the girls dance! What is that bad Grannie doing behind the snail?

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I LOVE this article and all the futuristic creations! Curious if it’s considered “steampunk” or not? No matter it’s a cool, eclectic style of creation. 🙂

Written By James Day on September 16th, 2010 @ 10:25 am
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