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This post was written by Form & Reform on August 18, 2008
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The final week days are upon us and things are looking so good. Lauren says we now just have to get it done regardless of how. Time for me to let go of all the details and just let this amazing crew do what they have done so well these past months. I can’t imagine how I’m going to repay you all!

more pics

Snail Ale (yes we even have home brew thanks to Keith and Merrilee!)

KSNL (K Snail radio at 95.1 again thanks to Keith and Merrilee!)

The late night crew. We had over 12 people Sat. and got so much done!

Over 50 panels in all and only 7 more to do! I’ll bet Hino has them all on by the time we wake up on Monday.

Lauren with the hardwood dash utilizing actual simulated virtual wireless technology from the Oil Punk era (note gauge at top).

To Do:

Fire Effects, Head lights, Straps for head, 7 panels, trim on top panels, Patina the entire shell in coppery bronze, paint, install wiring harness, install floor, install seats, reassemble fenders after paint, hubcaps, sound system, light effects, under body lights, curtains, have a beer, load.

Yes, we need help.

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