Loving Tom Memorial


Loving Tom Memorial

A Celebration of Life

This Friday please join your friends and family in reliving and celebrating the life of Tom Kennedy!

Where: American Steal Studios: American Steel Building in West Oakland, Entrance to building on 18th st at Kirkham, just off Mandela Parkway.

When: Friday May 1st 2009

Art Car Procession starts at Ocean Beach in the first parking lot across from the Windmill at 2:00pm

Walking procession with Art Cars from W. Oakland BART @ 6 PM to American Steal Studios.

Memorial Starts at 7pm at American Steal Studios

Please bring:

Chairs and comfy stuff to be brought home with you.

Beverages and Food to share!

A BOTTLE/MIXER for the bar (all donations from the bar will go to Toms Family!!

Items for the alter

Shoe to throw at Bush!

Your loving self!

Please post to appropriate list and friends who knew Tom!!

Art Car Artists sue Nevada farmer over Burning of La Contessa

La Contessa RIP


photo by: David Madison

The most wonderful art car I have ever seen. Given the size, the details were just amazing. I was sad when Burning Man banned it (I understood why, too many people in the way), and even sadder when I heard it was intentionally burned to the ground!

The 40-foot replica of the 16th century vessel was owned by artist Simon Cheffins and mechanical engineer Gregory Jones of Extra Action Marching Band fame.

Their suit filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Reno seeks damages from Michael Stewart, owner of Empire and Orient farms in Gerlach, under The Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990.

SF Gate story


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