Artist & Blacksmith Mark Krause Arrested

Mark was arrested in Seattle last week while visiting friends. Krause is accused of placing a homemade explosive device six months ago at a church in Osage, Arkansas, that was serving as a polling place.

Mark is no killer and he needs our help. Please see the link below to donate to his defense and get up to date info on his case

Free Mark Krause.blogspot

Full FBI Affidavit


News Story Dec 9th

Boing Boing Story

ABANA Article

Benton County Jail address

IMAGE: CE Nelson/, 2009, All Rights Reserved

Mark’s website and a look at his art:

Fayetteville artists headed to San Francisco for Maker Faire

Below is a story I did about Mark earlier this year. This is what he was building when they claimed he placed the bomb.

My friend Mark Krause has come all the way from Arkansas to attend Burning Man with his wonderful almost finished creation Icarus.

I’ve know Mark for years though the California Blacksmith Ass. He has made some wonderful smithed sculptures seen at Maker fair for the last few years and has fixed most of the power hammers we smith use in the bay area over the years. Now it’s time to help him out with a financial last push to finish the last leg of his trip. I’m setting him up in my shop for the next few weeks. He needs both skilled help and money. He’s set up a Kickstsrter account here. I will personally vouch for his art and skill and welcome him to his first trip to Blackrock!

A three wheeled vehicle in the shape of a crashed airplane with the wings melted off just beyond fire belching machine guns. This is a scratch built vehicle made almost entirely from recycled or repurposed materials.

Using Icarus as a model, I am attempting to describe the absurdity of warfare. While being held captive, Daedalus made wings for himself and his son to escape from the isle of Crete. Icarus, through youthful exuberance, flew too close to the sun and melted his wax and feather wings only to perish in the sea. Placed into modern context, the superfluous use of technology for warfare, only leads to a similar demise. In my example, the modern flying machine was destroyed by melting off its waxy wings with its own guns. I intend to present an aesthetically pleasing, interactive, object that hopefully will make some people think a little.

Conception the Opening


Jon’s Pictures

This is the drawing we sent into Burning Man DMV before we started on the car.

The local fire department got to pull the reigns first!

Zolie and Karydis

Empire of Dirt

What a great relaxing party that was.

One of the funnest things of the night were the steam punk wheel chairs we made from 1940’s airport fire extinguisher. I woke up at 2 am last night with a design to make them into giant tricycles. Stay tuned for those on the playa. Video

Tanzee the fire Queen

Theres a dragon in my driveway. Anyone who wants to help me write the children’s book with this title let me know.

This made us cry with pride, even Andy. This is Ann, Keith’s daughter, she is 16 and put us all to shame as performers. Stay tuned to what she does in the next!

More pictures here

Massacre at Rabbit Head

Massacre at Rabbit Head

The white mans Church of the Buzzard massacred the Empire of Dust natives at Rabbit head this July 4th. A Memorial will be erected in honor of our elders and things set straight one year from then. Please note the safety gear worn by our enemy while we wore only our native clothing. You can see in the video (3:30) ALL of our supplies going off  at once as the Parishioner Buzzards storm our camp FULL of women and children!

John Behrens blood soaked tear for our fallen brothers.

A weapon taken from our enemy.

Never Forget! is what I told our children.

Pictures of our trip

A fireworks war. Somewhere in Nevada from kevin mathieu on Vimeo.


Who needs farm show when I have friends like Fritz Hagist. Here is a true pyro solution to pesky weeds! Note that the propane line enters the combustion chamber for a pre-heat before the burners.

I have weed whipped all the weeds in the gravel around the shop and they came back. NO MORE as the we’d-b-gon will vitrify the earth to prevent any seeds from germinating. I have been wanting to build this for years but was perturbed as I did not want to have a electric blower on board, so with a # 60 drilled orifice the liquid propane turns to 100 deg. F. vapor @ 80 + PSI…… It ROARS!

Update today

And aren’t those rear tires fab!!!
It is slower than I thought, 3 passes although the ground is real wet. I might need to shorten the vapor tube as my vapor temp at the first jet was over 500 f. but I might have been real low on liquid. So tomorrow I will check again with full tank. With 3 # 60 jets, I can get 1 1/2 hours of burn on 7 gallons of fuel. So I really do not want to open them up to a 55 or so. I think if the fuel was much cooler it would be much denser and hence more BTU’s in the box. I tried subbing 10% gas-90% #2 diesel after the unit was well preheated and I got yellow flames and smoke….

Amy Jenkins

I had diner with my good friend Amy Jenkins last week and was impressed at the handmade toys she made.

Take a look at her site here

and her flicker set

Amy: I wanted to make a resin model kit to sell. 1998. And to make my Trekkie college friends laugh. Had just been laid off from job in model shop at industrial design prototyping company (Plynetics).
I made 6 panels- styrene sheets with model kit parts that fit together as a cube. Then made silicone molds for each, and cast the panels in resin.
It also needed to “do” something – I was trying to develop Action Feature Model Kits at that time. (Trademark rejected for “common words”)
That hole in the side is actually a little door that slides shut. On the opposite side of the cube is a plunger and inside is a spring- it shoots out a tiny planet. I made about 3 or 4 of em and practiced different paint jobs on each.
Approx 4″ x 4″ x 4″

Omega Recoil Performing with their Tesla Coil at Nimby

Omega Recoil Performing with their Tesla Coil at Nimby for the Do it for Haiti Benefit

Concept and The Show

A team of high-level rat scientists have gotten hold of a Tesla Coil and will be testing it on a living human test subject in a special metal suit designed to protect the human, or so the rat scientists hope. They will lure the human out under this suspended 1.3 million volt Tesla Coil with man’s favorite drink… Beer. The un-suspecting human will be surprised to find out that this particular can of beer has been grounded to the giant coil. When he approaches for refreshment, the giant coil will come to life and he will receive a massive bolt of lighting to the head. This, we call the reverse Pavlovian an experiment. The rat scientists will be training the human to operate all of the machinery involved in the show using the positive and negative re-enforcement of a lightning bolt.

We will have a Narrator/Barker explaining the science of the Tesla Coil and the principals of the suit and the experiments. The barker will narrate the performance as the rat scientists perform the experiments on the human.

We will also do experiments with massive power distribution and switching equipment like that used by the power utilities.

Our show is much more informative than our previous incarnations. We have a larger team of very innovative and ingenious members creating the experiments that no one has ever seen, including a suspended, upside down coil.

Jason Mclean art openning Feb 6th

Jason McLean and Madeline Fitzpatrick are teaming up for a show at Toby’s Gallery in Point Reyes Station, CA for the entire month of February. Come out on Saturday February 6th, 5:30-8:30pm for the show’s opening. Both Jason’s sculptures and Madeline’s paintings are raw, expressive, and mature. We’d love to see you!

Toby’s Gallery

11250 Hwy One, Point Reyes Station, CA, 94956
(415) 663-1223

David Letterman -$25,000 Cupcake

Lisa Pongrace’s

Cupcake car was on David Letterman last night. Looks like Greg & Keith have a bit of repair work to do now!

Bar Tiki Bar Ranch crafts sale


Amy Jenkins Presents:

Bar Tiki Bar Ranch
opening party on Friday, Dec 11, 2009

Come see the all new Bar Tiki Bar Ranch cast of characters!

Well, some new, some old- all ready to play. Trying our hands
at co-production: designed and fabricated by me, with extra special
features coded up by Mr. Brian Jenkins.

It’s the debut of the Bar Tiki Bar Ranch- characters galore!
Some new, some old- Gods! Goddesses! Demons! Drunks!
Aliens, pirates, cowboys, classics….
-proud participant in the monthly Estuary Art Attack\

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