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Who needs farm show when I have friends like Fritz Hagist. Here is a true pyro solution to pesky weeds! Note that the propane line enters the combustion chamber for a pre-heat before the burners.

I have weed whipped all the weeds in the gravel around the shop and they came back. NO MORE as the we’d-b-gon will vitrify the earth to prevent any seeds from germinating. I have been wanting to build this for years but was perturbed as I did not want to have a electric blower on board, so with a # 60 drilled orifice the liquid propane turns to 100 deg. F. vapor @ 80 + PSI…… It ROARS!

Update today

And aren’t those rear tires fab!!!
It is slower than I thought, 3 passes although the ground is real wet. I might need to shorten the vapor tube as my vapor temp at the first jet was over 500 f. but I might have been real low on liquid. So tomorrow I will check again with full tank. With 3 # 60 jets, I can get 1 1/2 hours of burn on 7 gallons of fuel. So I really do not want to open them up to a 55 or so. I think if the fuel was much cooler it would be much denser and hence more BTU’s in the box. I tried subbing 10% gas-90% #2 diesel after the unit was well preheated and I got yellow flames and smoke….

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