Steampunk Wedding

Judy & Brian’s Steampunk wedding.

Kyrsten and I had the pleasure of giving the bride and groom a Giant Iron present for the day that included the Snail car, the fire spewing Boiler Bar and fire gardens.


The kiss

My pictures of the wedding

Karen’s pictures

Ralf’s Pictures

Kevin’s Pictures


Flower girls


Bride and Groom In the Snail Car to receive the guests.


Judy Lighting up her wedding and warming up not only Brian’s heart but his whole body!


The Volcano wedding cake. This was the best wedding cake I have ever seen. Yes the chocolate erupted from the top along with puffs of powdered sugar!


Guest arriving from the lower parking lot via the Giant Iron Snail Car the Golden Mean

Dorkbot #47

Dorkbot #47

People I know doing strange things with electricity!

The next Dorkbot SF takes place this Wednesday, September 23rd at TCHO in San Francisco

Presentations by:

Mark Pauline (Survival Research Labs)

Mark will talk about what ever comes to mind in his life filled with grime, fuel and art.


Timothy Childs (Technology and Chocolate)

Maker& supporter of life and the arts


Michael Ang

Light, Attraction and Emotion: Projects with Photons, Biology and Electrons


See the Dorkbot SF #47 event listing for more info.

Maker Faire May 30-31st San Mateo CA


The Boiler Bar & Theater are gearing up for Maker Faire next week and looking forward to seeing everyone!

We are bringing the Boiler Bar, Boiler Bar Stage, and the Giant Iron Snail Car the Golden Mean.


Look for us near Oaks Hall behind the Mouse Trap

Show times for the Boiler Bar are: 1:30, 3:30, 7pm Sat. & 1:15, 4:15 Sunday


Wonderful photo’s from our last show by Taboo

Omega Recoil at the Dorkbot Seven Year Anniversary Party

Dorkbot Seven Year Anniversary Party at the Boiler Bar June 20th

A night of learning, making, & sharing of Electrical Science & Art!


Wireless Power Transmission: How did Nikola Tesla do it?  By Omega Recoil

In the late 1800s Nikola Tesla began experimenting with transmitting power wirelessly via the earth’s crust and the ionosphere. He invented what we now know as the Tesla Coil; this device was capable of generating extremely high voltages, and was the pre-curser to radio transmission. What was Tesla doing? How was he doing it? Does wireless power work? The Omega Recoil team have been re-creating some of Tesla’s wireless power experiments, with interesting results.

Our presentation will include videos of our Tesla Coils running and power being transmitted wirelessly.


Omega Recoil is a team of Scientists, builders, engineers, showmen and industrial artists that have created extremely large sparks in the San Francisco Bay area since 1999. The members of the group began work with: Pyrokenetics, Dr. Megavolt, Flaming Lotus Girls, SRL, Firefall, SimNuke, and Acme Muffineering. Omega Recoil is the intersection where Mad Science meets Art and Education.


Also presenting:
Mike Winter
cofounder of SFC,llc. will be speaking about his cyborg arm.
Jon Sarriugarte
One or more of the following topics:
The Giant Iron Snail Car the Golden Mean
1928 Hogan Tesla Coil
Powertool Drag Racing
Volt-Aged Whiskey

Plus more!
After the speakers each of these topics will be presented in larger than life demos!


June 20th 2009, 7pm-2am
2600 Magnolia at 26th street in West Oakland Map
Enter through the Parking Lot Gate
$10-20 donation to support the Boiler Bar
As always at the Boiler Bar: DJ’s, & ravers are welcome to talk and learn.

Ape Loose in Toy Store!


Amy Bean has managed to let not one, but two real live toy Apes loose in a store.

Help the store out by bringing home one of these wonderful handmade creatures today!

Loving Tom Memorial


Loving Tom Memorial

A Celebration of Life

This Friday please join your friends and family in reliving and celebrating the life of Tom Kennedy!

Where: American Steal Studios: American Steel Building in West Oakland, Entrance to building on 18th st at Kirkham, just off Mandela Parkway.

When: Friday May 1st 2009

Art Car Procession starts at Ocean Beach in the first parking lot across from the Windmill at 2:00pm

Walking procession with Art Cars from W. Oakland BART @ 6 PM to American Steal Studios.

Memorial Starts at 7pm at American Steal Studios

Please bring:

Chairs and comfy stuff to be brought home with you.

Beverages and Food to share!

A BOTTLE/MIXER for the bar (all donations from the bar will go to Toms Family!!

Items for the alter

Shoe to throw at Bush!

Your loving self!

Please post to appropriate list and friends who knew Tom!!

The Seabat Family

I love my crazy friends, so let me introduce more of them to you; presenting the Seabat Family. We are looking forward to seeing them at Maker Faire this May.

The Seabat family is an eclectic crew of creative individuals. They enjoy their privacy and freedom, and therefore choose a life of fluid locality. Though their real home is the magnificently mobile Seabat Isle, they each travel the world and beyond in a variety of vessels. Seabat Isle is a quaint little plot held together by the massive roots of Unwin, the islands magnolia tree, floating hither and thither across the many seas.

Thermite Mushroom Cloud

Thermite Bomb


Video of it going off.

My friend Fritz sent me this video of a thermite reaction he set off. He put gunpowder in the bottom of the pipe, then packed the top with thermite.


Shamrock N Roll Roller Derby this Sat.

The Boiler Bar’s very own Mitara will be there to show those girls how to play NICE!

Come One Come All!!!
Roller Derby is where it is at!!!!
This Saturday (3/14/09) is another amazing match up.
It will be a hard hitting bout between
Richmond Wrecking Belles vs the San Fransico Shevil Dead
It is a luck of the Irish SHAMROCK and ROLL kind of night, so
wear your green and come support your Local Derby Girls.

Come support a DIY organization, for the skaters by the skaters!

Bay Area Derby Girls

Art Car Artists sue Nevada farmer over Burning of La Contessa

La Contessa RIP


photo by: David Madison

The most wonderful art car I have ever seen. Given the size, the details were just amazing. I was sad when Burning Man banned it (I understood why, too many people in the way), and even sadder when I heard it was intentionally burned to the ground!

The 40-foot replica of the 16th century vessel was owned by artist Simon Cheffins and mechanical engineer Gregory Jones of Extra Action Marching Band fame.

Their suit filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Reno seeks damages from Michael Stewart, owner of Empire and Orient farms in Gerlach, under The Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990.

SF Gate story

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