Omega Recoil at the Dorkbot Seven Year Anniversary Party

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Dorkbot Seven Year Anniversary Party at the Boiler Bar June 20th

A night of learning, making, & sharing of Electrical Science & Art!


Wireless Power Transmission: How did Nikola Tesla do it?  By Omega Recoil

In the late 1800s Nikola Tesla began experimenting with transmitting power wirelessly via the earth’s crust and the ionosphere. He invented what we now know as the Tesla Coil; this device was capable of generating extremely high voltages, and was the pre-curser to radio transmission. What was Tesla doing? How was he doing it? Does wireless power work? The Omega Recoil team have been re-creating some of Tesla’s wireless power experiments, with interesting results.

Our presentation will include videos of our Tesla Coils running and power being transmitted wirelessly.


Omega Recoil is a team of Scientists, builders, engineers, showmen and industrial artists that have created extremely large sparks in the San Francisco Bay area since 1999. The members of the group began work with: Pyrokenetics, Dr. Megavolt, Flaming Lotus Girls, SRL, Firefall, SimNuke, and Acme Muffineering. Omega Recoil is the intersection where Mad Science meets Art and Education.


Also presenting:
Mike Winter
cofounder of SFC,llc. will be speaking about his cyborg arm.
Jon Sarriugarte
One or more of the following topics:
The Giant Iron Snail Car the Golden Mean
1928 Hogan Tesla Coil
Powertool Drag Racing
Volt-Aged Whiskey

Plus more!
After the speakers each of these topics will be presented in larger than life demos!


June 20th 2009, 7pm-2am
2600 Magnolia at 26th street in West Oakland Map
Enter through the Parking Lot Gate
$10-20 donation to support the Boiler Bar
As always at the Boiler Bar: DJ’s, & ravers are welcome to talk and learn.

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