KSW rollout November 12th 2011


Kinetic Steam Works



The Serpent Twins

This is a great event to bring your kids to. Learn the basics of steam engines, see some great Machine art, eat food, drink beer and watch the kids imagine what they are going to do when they grow up.

Stage Coach 2011

Stage Coach 2011

What hoot hanging out with the Front Porch at the hootenanny! Lots of great entertainment for the kids, main stage acts, homemade BBQ and minimal crowds.  This is the place to be. After hours we headed out into camping with the David Luning band and got quite a crowd! Line dancing, swing dancing and staggering cowboys wondering why this house kept moving.

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Railroad Revival Tour… Oakland

The Railroad Revival Tour with Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Mumford & Sons, and Old Crow Medicine Show, started its first journey last Thursday with a concert in our corner of West Oakland. The Golden Mean and the crew got a chance to perform and see the show and what a hoot it was!
Great to meet some of the band members and play with the kids. We all throughly enjoyed a relaxing show with a great promotion company, music crew and audience. Great day!

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Old Crow Medicine Show

Wish we could have seen more of this band. Their music has been the sound track to the Snail car and the Front Porch for the last 2 years! Next time this tour happens they need to hook up a few flat beds to the train for us to take our toys on!


Happy Birthday Lydia! Wish I was still 22!

Zolie Kyrsten & I on the Golden Mean enjoying a beautiful sunset over San Francisco bay from the lower bottoms of West Oakland


Post March Madness

This was a fun party with plenty of toys and boys.

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Christopher lighting the fire

John and Chris

Lost 2 eyebrows, the hair on my right leg and a good part of my sideburns sitting here…thx John!

Coil and Bulbs

The West Oakland Tesla Drill team performing “Crossed Swords”





March Madness B-day Celebration

A combined birthday celebration of talent and art as never before seen!

3pm till we finish our pancakes.

Tesla’s, art cars, fire, robots and you!

2600 Magnolia, Oakland CA
Look for the red light in the fence


Come celebrate the following people:

Rich Sciortino, Kim, Fucking Andy, Luke, Dan, Mike Kennon, Scottie Chapman, Nara Brados and more.




The 2011 Oscars with Skywalker Ranch

Tron was up for an Oscar for sound editing  this year. Gwendolyn Yates Whittle & Addison Teague along with the their team from Skywalker Ranch that included Kyrsten Mate, got to attend along with their families.

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Kyrsten & Jon on the red carpet. We had a lot of fun and I was so proud of my wife! I got to see lots of stars and hang out with real Oscar winners! The Oscar itself is very heavy. Looking forward to one on our mantel soon.

Gary and Kyrsten with the Oscar he won

Lora Hirschberg, Gary A. Rizzo and Ed Novick all took home Oscars for sound mixing on Inception

Skywalker crew and family ready for the Oscars

Jana Vance, Maya, Cecile Benson, Denise Thorpe, Kyrsten Mate

Steve Boeddeker, Phil Benson,  Mac Smith, Jon Sarriugarte, Dustin Cawood


Eli Wallach is saying to Kyrsten “You look gorgeous in that dress! Gorgeous!” No joke!



Post Party New Years 2011

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Joe’s Pictures

An Old School West Oakland New Years

An Old School West Oakland New Years

Enjoy the Boiler Bar Speakeasy heated room, couches and old time sing along movies.

Watch and listen as DJ Kyrsten spins tunes and cooks you homemade food!

Tis the Season to burn trees
Golden Mean Snail Art Car
Justin Gray Robots
Boiler Bar and performers
The Swamp Kirin has been spotted late nights !

Live Music on the Front Porch!
Tiger Honey Pot
Sour Mash Hug Band

Fire Sculptures

Hugh fire barrels

Mini-Mega Junior by the Flaming Lotus Girls

Dave Andres

Live Music Inside:
Holiday Heart
Ava Mendoza
Oolies (Mitchell Brown/Josh Lindenfelzer/Christopher Sprague/Bobby Adams)
Tummy Troll
FCotB DJ’s :Count Loachfillet , junkdrawer, Sir Bo Turbo

Dismal Illuminators & Burning Trees
plus More!!

2601 Adeline, Oakland CA

enter on 26th
8pm to the next year!
$20 to support the Boiler Bar/Snail, Dismal, and the Front Porch.
Too much? Follow this link for the password to get in for $10

ROBOX the cardboard wonder

Robox the cardboard wonder playing with the big boys at the West Oakland Halloween party Oct 2010

Dutch Boy Studio Open House 2010

Dutch Boy Studio

*Dutch Boy Open Studios HolidayArt Sale*
November 20
12-6 pm
Dutch Boy Studios, 4701 San Leandro St., Oakland, CA 94601
Free Attended Parking on 47th Street!!
Splady Art Studios teams with other artists at Dutch Boy Studios for a massive OPEN STUDIO EVENT.
Demonstrations, sculpture, painting, fashion, live music, and more…
Metal Sculpture – Charles Splady
Quilts – Gudrun Thompson
Concrete Vessels & Plaster-Relief Plaques – Diana Durand
Stained Glass – Jeff Berger
Mixed Media – Colleen Straw
Robotics – Liam McNamara & Camron Asadi
Videography – Athena Johns
Surfboards – Chris
Fashion – Maria
Paintings – Jahsun, Gail, Rex
& Live Music from Dutch Boy’s own CharleMagnet
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