The Ephemeral Architecture of Burning Man

The Ephemeral Architecture of Burning Man

16 years in the making, 196 photos, 112 pages, 11”x8.5” softcover, $29,
the book has landed.
Black Rock City is a unique urban experiment in the American landscape.
For one week 50,000 people deploy treasures of ingenuity to survive in style (or not) and leave no trace in one of the harshest environment of the USA. Home of the Burning Man festival, the artistic nature of the event calls for one-of-a-kind solutions mixed with open source creations and off-the-shelve gear.
From 1996 to 2010, photographer Philippe Glade documented more than 170 ephemeral dwellings, camps, structures of BRC.
This books presents for the first time a comprehensive selection of those solutions.

This book features both My Blackrock Hardware shade and our camp the Empire of Dirt.

March Madness B-day Celebration

A combined birthday celebration of talent and art as never before seen!

3pm till we finish our pancakes.

Tesla’s, art cars, fire, robots and you!

2600 Magnolia, Oakland CA
Look for the red light in the fence


Come celebrate the following people:

Rich Sciortino, Kim, Fucking Andy, Luke, Dan, Mike Kennon, Scottie Chapman, Nara Brados and more.




RiverTown Revival July 24th 2010

Rivertown Revival boat race is this weekend! Think hand car regatta in the water!

Should be a good one. I might just get the snail outfitted with some pontoons and show up!

The Rivertown Revival is coming to Petaluma on July 24th • From 11:30AM – 6:00 PM

Art Boat races, Free Floating River Sculptures, Food, Music & Sideshows

SRL is doing a show at the end of the race about 4pm

Big arm

Beer Circus!!

Lagunitas Beer Circus

We had a great time entertaining the good folks of the north!

Pictures here

Here too

Handmade Flags for the Boiler Bar

Finished Flags at The Steampunk Show

In the hot Sun at Beyond Wonderland. They sure make a plain pop-up look great.

Cutting out the pattern. They did 2 sizes and overlapped them. The back panels are all done in red & white ticking.

Rich Sciortino was good enough to teach us how to silkscreen the stars that Kyrsten had designed.

After running a few on the manual machine we switch to the full auto one finished all 52 in under an hour!

Zolie Catches the finished product hot out of the dryer to stack and fold. Don’t tell OSHA!

Back home we got to work sorting the colors to get the perfect wabi sabi need to make them look old and handmade.

Serger machine. According to the craft night crew it’s the single best creation ever! I happen to think a plasma cutter is just as cool.

The first of 48 and they get a gold star!

Melanie takes over and spends the next 2 days surging and sewing 60 feet of flags!

We then feed a rope down each casing Melanie had sewed to the top of the flags.

More pictures

Here they are in all there glory at the Beyond Wonderland gig.

HandCar Regatta Sept 27th 2009


Sunday Sept 27th will be the 2nd annual Hand car Regatta. Along with hand car racing on Railroad track you will also get a chance to hear live music and see the wonders of the Bay area’s DIY steam-punk creations. We will be there with the Giant Iron Snail car the Golden Mean and our new trilobite! This is a free event and kid friendly!



Well we are back in the shop repairing the snail and adding all the things we wanted to do last year. On our short list of items to do:

  1. Change the clutch. She started slipping in the spring and has gotten worse. Parades, lots of people and a heavy shell have taken a toll on the tiny little motor and clutch.
  2. New dash board. We will now have a speedo, gas gauge, oil pressure and engine temp. Now I can finally answer the question of how fast do I go.
  3. Heater. Yes we will have heat at our feet and wind in our face. Going to install a 12v plug for my MC vest too!
  4. New lighting. More LED’s to replace some of the juice sucking lights we have now and better night lighting for the playa.
  5. 85 amp Alternator. The old generator was just not keeping up at low speeds with all of our sound gear running.


Lauren checking her notes to make sure we order the right parts.


Christopher taking a beer break after a long night in the guts of a snail.


The new dash! Thanks to John Bock for the vintage dash plate.
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