HandCar Regatta Sept 27th 2009

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Sunday Sept 27th will be the 2nd annual Hand car Regatta. Along with hand car racing on Railroad track you will also get a chance to hear live music and see the wonders of the Bay area’s DIY steam-punk creations. We will be there with the Giant Iron Snail car the Golden Mean and our new trilobite! This is a free event and kid friendly!


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Thank you, dear Jon and Kyrsten, for spreading the Regatta word! Our humble event, with mechanical and artistic wonders like yours and so many others, truly will be host to an astounding array of spectacles heretofore unseen the world over!

FREE! Best of all, the Great Handcar Regatta is free to all denizens of delight, curiosity, and “play-ticipation”.

We bid all comers to bring the family and enjoy a day of fun without “breaking the bank”, as they say. Why, even grandpa will forget to grumble about how cheap things were in his day.


Written By Dr. E.P. Kitty on September 22nd, 2009 @ 7:33 am
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