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Well we are back in the shop repairing the snail and adding all the things we wanted to do last year. On our short list of items to do:

  1. Change the clutch. She started slipping in the spring and has gotten worse. Parades, lots of people and a heavy shell have taken a toll on the tiny little motor and clutch.
  2. New dash board. We will now have a speedo, gas gauge, oil pressure and engine temp. Now I can finally answer the question of how fast do I go.
  3. Heater. Yes we will have heat at our feet and wind in our face. Going to install a 12v plug for my MC vest too!
  4. New lighting. More LED’s to replace some of the juice sucking lights we have now and better night lighting for the playa.
  5. 85 amp Alternator. The old generator was just not keeping up at low speeds with all of our sound gear running.


Lauren checking her notes to make sure we order the right parts.


Christopher taking a beer break after a long night in the guts of a snail.


The new dash! Thanks to John Bock for the vintage dash plate.

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