Handmade Flags for the Boiler Bar

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Finished Flags at The Steampunk Show

In the hot Sun at Beyond Wonderland. They sure make a plain pop-up look great.

Cutting out the pattern. They did 2 sizes and overlapped them. The back panels are all done in red & white ticking.

Rich Sciortino was good enough to teach us how to silkscreen the stars that Kyrsten had designed.

After running a few on the manual machine we switch to the full auto one finished all 52 in under an hour!

Zolie Catches the finished product hot out of the dryer to stack and fold. Don’t tell OSHA!

Back home we got to work sorting the colors to get the perfect wabi sabi need to make them look old and handmade.

Serger machine. According to the craft night crew it’s the single best creation ever! I happen to think a plasma cutter is just as cool.

The first of 48 and they get a gold star!

Melanie takes over and spends the next 2 days surging and sewing 60 feet of flags!

We then feed a rope down each casing Melanie had sewed to the top of the flags.

More pictures

Here they are in all there glory at the Beyond Wonderland gig.

Reader Comments

What a great idea!

I have been looking to a project to make for my sons kindergarden when he stops next year and I will make one like this, but with the alphabet on instead of stars.

Written By Britta on May 27th, 2010 @ 11:15 am

Great idea, Kyrsten even made small ones for the tables too.

Written By admin on May 27th, 2010 @ 11:22 am
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