Build your own Fire Garden Kits Now available

So many people that have hung out with the warmth and played in the sand of my wonderful Fire Gardens have asked me how they could make one of their own. Well I’ve taken the guess work out of all the fittings and sizes and put together a few kits that I use all the time in my work.

Available Kits:

FR12SLP 12″ steel fire ring with low pressure regulator


img_0003 img_0007

This is a great set up for 14-22″ sand gardens.

12″ steel fire ring, weldable 1/2 coupler, 3/8″ 45 deg to 1/2 NPT fitting (to connect to the gas hose), 1/2 x 2″  brass nipple, Teflon tape, and a low pressure 1/4 FPT regulator with needle valve.

$95.00 plus tax and shipping

Examples of my Fire Gardens Made with this setup

dsc_0391.jpg dsc_0429.jpg dsc_0649.JPG dsc_0746.jpg 10.jpg dsc_0731.jpg fire-ants.jpg 2.jpg


FR12SHP  12″ steel fire ring with a 0-60 psi regulator and a venturi mixer


img_0005 img_00061 img_0008

This is a great setup for 14-22″ sand gardens, rocks, high temp glass, or other porous materials etc that need a venturi (gas air mixer) to achieve a clean soot free burn.

12″ steel fire ring, weldable 1/2 coupler, 3/8″ 45 deg to 1/2 NPT fitting (to connect to the gas hose), 2pc 1/2 x 2″ brass nipples, gas orifice (.0250),  Teflon tape, and a high pressure 0-60 psi regulator.

$150.00 plus tax and shipping

Examples of Fire Gardens and Patio Heaters (Replaced the fire ring with unique burners) made with this setup

dsc_0571.jpg dsc_0512.jpg dsc_0538.jpg dsc_0455.jpg 2223831343_81d5c57a70.jpg dsc_0024.JPG

Upgrades to above kits:
18″steel fire ring $22 (good for 24-30″ sand gardens)
12″ stainless steel fire ring $60 (Stainless will last longer and the small gas hole won’t rust shut if you leave in the rain)
18″ stainless steel fire ring $90
FR18SSLP $185

In addition to these kits you will need a container that is able to handle high temperatures and be fully sealed underneath (leaks or drain holes will also allow gas out). A 55 gal drum works good. The weldable coupler provided will need to be welded though the bottom, legs added, then simply attach the fittings, ring, hose, propane BBQ tank and add sand. Sand should be 3-4″ above the ring. This is a match light system and I like those plumbing torches to light mine. Light the torch, then turn on the gas with the flame above the sand. It will take several seconds for the sand to fill with gas and rise to the top. Once lit it’s time to play in the sand with simple tools. This works best after dark when you can turn the flame down very low tell you only see a blue flame.

Fire is hot! DO NOT TOUCH the sand. It’s sticks and will burn before you can get it off. I would add a safety rail to keep young ones from falling on the hot edge and in the sand. It’s also a great place to keep your tools and rest your feet. 30″ is a great height to stand next to, and 14-18″ is great to sit around. Provide a minimum of 6″ below the coupler on the bottom for the fittings and hose. Keep your sand dry by covering in the rain.

Contact me at 510 444 7007, or email me at

Maker Faire May 30-31st San Mateo CA


The Boiler Bar & Theater are gearing up for Maker Faire next week and looking forward to seeing everyone!

We are bringing the Boiler Bar, Boiler Bar Stage, and the Giant Iron Snail Car the Golden Mean.


Look for us near Oaks Hall behind the Mouse Trap

Show times for the Boiler Bar are: 1:30, 3:30, 7pm Sat. & 1:15, 4:15 Sunday


Wonderful photo’s from our last show by Taboo

The Photo Fire Booth!

Photo Fire Booth


Thanks to everyone who dared to enter!

This was a big hit at the party this weekend. I’m looking forward to using it at more events. The fire photo booth is a back drop of fire and a fire ball for a flash! It warms the subjects and bathes them in a natural glow. Thanks to Dave and Tackett for helping built this and run it all night!

All Fire photo pictures

Dusty Rhodes’s pictures

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Keep checking back for details on the new years event we are hosting!

Please send me your picture of the stage acts!

Please Help Todd Blair by Donating Now

Todd Blair Fund Raiser

Our man is down and fighting hard to make his way back.

Todd was involved in an accident which included a large metal structure falling on him after the most recent SRL show at Robodock in Amsterdam. He suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and his recovery time is going to be long and unpredictable. SRL’s liability insurance provided by Robodock has seemingly been denied and Alex and Todd need help to survive financially through this next chapter of their recovery.

Please join a world wide community of artists, machinists, adventurists, educators, purveyors of life to build The Wall and to help support the immediate financial needs of Todd Blair and his incredible wife Alexandra Ismerio who is at his side. The Wall will be a kinetic sculpture of 25 gears, each representing an individual or group who raised $$ and modified their gear to be placed amongst the rest.

Please support the fundraising efforts of the gear modifiers. No donation is too small. It will all go directly to Todd and Alex.

Event Link

I’ve joined the rank and file SRL insurance plan and kicked into high gear with a new fire piece for Todd’s Wall project.

We have already raised half of our goal and we need your support to make it to the end.

All donations are tax deductible thanks to our friends at The Luggage Store Gallery Please make sure to indicate Todd Wall/Jon Sarriugarte (so I can track our progress) and make sure all your contact info is current so we can send you a receipt.

Checks can be made out to:

The Luggage Store Gallery
please indicate me as the gear modifier you would like to sponsor

Send to:
Amy Critchett
28 West St
Petaluma CA

Please email amy {at} srl {dot} org ASAP if you have any questions or would like to participate in any way.

Event Link

Boiler Bar Video

Here is some video Rich shot at Todd Blair’s benefit
Links to photo’s from the event:

Boiler Bar from jonsarriugarte on Vimeo.

The Ball

What a night! Here are some pictures I took right before we opened. I was so busy the rest of the night I never got a shot of the 700+ people that came to support Todd Blair.


Getting ready


Enjoying a quite drink, while Alan chums the tip jar


A good tip got a response from the bar tenders


Brian, Ellen, and Amy ready to go


Kent’s Mule artcar. Sorry Todd no one had a horse version.


The Yard space. This space was packed all night.


Steamed Hot Dog raised over $300!


Christopher was the ever present, but never seen fire safety officer.

Blair’s Bars are Done!


Zolie and Babalou wonder where the customers are?


Blair’s bar being tested. Alan, Baba, Rich, Zolie, and I got it ready for the event.


Rich of Sciortino Design Group did a great job on the sign.

Blair’s Bar


The sign for the top is now done!


The twins tipping their hats to Todd.
Flames are now tested and ready to put on the bar.


Close up. You can just see the pull chains on the back for Big flame fun.

Todd’s Benefit Dec 1st


more info here:

keep checking as we’re still updating as more info comes in!

Saturday, December 1, 2007
8:00 PM – 1:00AM

SomArts Cultural Center
934 Brannan
San Francisco, California 94103

A ball celebrating decadence benefitting Todd Blair who suffered severe head injury after the last SRL show in Amsterdam. He has a long road of medical bills, living and rehab expenses. Todd’s SRL, CCA, and other communities join forces presenting an evening of entertainment, bazaar, silent and live auction of many fine art, kinetic sculpture, peoples’ highly coveted skills, etc.

Cash bar + Food from Foodhacker Marc Powell and Crew
Hot dogs steamed by Neverwas Steam Car!

Art auction with pieces from: Stelarc, SRL, Lynn Hershman, Eduardo Kac, and more

Collectibles + Services for sale/auction:
Make: magazine collectors’ set
Neverwas Steam Car at your next party
Sewing Coaching from Melanie Miguel
Welding class from Kal Spelletich

Holiday Shopping Craft and Electronics Bazaar

DJ Vordo + Joan Jeanrenaud (of Kronos Quartet)
Gibson Pearl Belly Dancers, Kristen, Kyrsten
More bellydancing by Janice Solimeno and her girls
Flaming Lotus Girls
Extra Action Marching Band
Flaming Art Bars from Jon Sarriugarte the makers of the SS Alpha Fox

See the website for more details and updates:

Track Todd’s progress on his recovery blog updated daily by his love Alexandra from Amsterdam:

$10 donation
jon sarriugarte's items Go to jon sarriugarte's photostream