Blacksmithing at its best!

Wonderful weekend with the CA Blacksmiths. Here are just a few of the highlights of my trip.


Way past Midnight Madness with some of the best smiths in the world and the Golden Mean!

img_0002 img_00031

My daughter’s first point!             Da Boyz salute to Jimmy!

img_0015 img_0007

Boiler Bar!                                      Steve Bondi’s work

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Custom Lighting By Form & Reform

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Hand Crafted Metal Lighting Fixtures


Here are some examples of custom metal lighting we have made for clients. These light fixtures are hand forged in our shop in West Oakland Ca.

We also have experience with LED lighting combined with old world ironwork. This combination is economical to run, gives off a wide spectrum of lighting colors and can still fit in with Old World styles.

Contact me if your interested in a quote or have an idea of what your after.

books at formandreform dot com

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Hand Forged Lighting fixture

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We just finished and installed this wonderful hand forged light fixture in a private home. It looked great installed and really completes the already great patio area. These blacksmith light fixtures are hand made in our shop by Hino and I. I start with the client’s napkin drawing, photo, or drawing of what they’re after, offer them different textures, then make a site visit to get the scale and feel of the room so the fixture will work with it.

We have been doing a lot of custom metal ceiling light fixtures for homes lately.  I will start posting pictures as I get them photographed.

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