Wedding Heart

This is a Heart I made for Christine & David’s Wedding Jan 21st, 2012

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Woodside light fixture

Woodside light fixture

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This is a huge light! 8 feet 8 inches wide and almost 100 lights! The challenge was to make it look simple and clean and hide all the wiring. Really a wonderful space and this light ties it all together.
8’8″x10′ high Steel and cable
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Camino Light with Patina

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I recently made this light for a customers home. This is a smaller version of the one I made for Camino’s restaurant a few years back.

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Peralta Hacienda Gate Design


This is a gate I designed for the City of Oakland. It’s for the Peralta Hacienda Historic park in the the fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland. I used the historic brand from the Peralta Family ranch.

Hand Forged Bathroom Wall Sconces

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A friend of mine Jason gave me some vintage glass he found under some trees he was cutting down this summer. This guy had stored the contents of a east coast lighting company from the turn of the last century in an open feild  20+ years ago. Most of the steel from the gas lamps, and indoor fixtures had rusted away, but the brass and glass survived. I had to soak these shades in vinegar to get the news print they were wrapped in from the 1930’s off. Great ads! Next time I go up there I’m going to spend more time looking though what he saved.


These were made for my wife Kyrsten’s birthday. It only took me 10 years to finally hang lights in our bathroom.


Frosted scallops on the glass shade.


Hammer texture details


Rivets to hold the forged steel layers together of the wall sconce.

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Hotel Lobby Light Fixture

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Hotel Lobby Light Fixture by Form & Reform






This is a custom light I did for a hotel lobby in Colorado. It was fun to play with old blacksmith styles and new water jet parts mixed in the same piece. The line voltage halogens eliminated the need for a heavy transformers and the light was even, pleasant and using a dimer made various moods possible with a turn or a click of the switch. It’s 5 feet across, 24″ high and 700 watts.

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Iron Log Fire

Fire for your home fireplace


img_0003 img_0005


My newest creation are steel logs and hand forged andiron that use natural gas for fuel. The colors of flame thoughout the fire are wonderful. This is my modern take on the ceramic log. I can build this as a match light system, or add a fully automated remote system with safeties.  I use ANSI certified fire pans and safety valves. These logs could also be used in one of my outdoor fire pits as well.

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20 plus years of experience in Furniture, Lighting Fixtures, Art Cars, Architectural, Structural, and Landscape Metalwork. Full Metal Fabrication/Blacksmith Shop.

We can work from your drawings, or help you though the entire design process.

Our work is well crafted, attention to detail, thoughtful,  and will last lifetimes.

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Hand Forged Hospital Bed


Ancient techniques used on a turn of the century design for a modern version of the hospital bed.

I hand forged each section giving this simple streamlined design hand hammered textural details.  A hospital bed is specifically designed to facilitate convalescence, traditionally in a hospital or nursing facility, but increasingly in other settings, such as a private residence.  Contact me for pricing or other custom metal work.

Hand Forged Door Pulls

Door Pulls for a one of a kind home.


I designed these door pulls and won a commission for one of the designs for the new City Hall in Richmond. Someday, when they finish, I hope to install them. In the mean time I’m looking for work for the shop and thought someone out there might need something similar for their house or business. I can do door hardware in steel, stainless steel, or bronze. Contact me for prices, design, or questions about what else we make can make at our blacksmith shop in West Oakland.

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