Edwardian Ball Jan 23rd 2010

The Giant Iron Snail Car the Golden Mean will be at the Edwardian  Ball Jan 23rd

We had a great time curbside at this event last year. We got to hear some great live music, sip smokey drinks, and harass Steam-punk guest for using electric powered cell phones, all from the comfort of the Snail. Come by, say hi, and show me your steam powered cell phone!

The award-winning Edwardian Ball transforms the historic Regency Ballroom into a garden of delights, Friday and Saturday January 22nd and 23rd, 2010. Join a magical outdoors-indoor symphony of music, theatre, dance, art, storytelling, circus arts, fashion, technology, and, of course, the art & stories of Edward Gorey. The festivities feature a dizzying assortment of artists and performers, where high-flying trapezes and steam-powered machines paint an elegant backdrop for costumed ballgoers reveling through the night. Here, the old world meets the world-to-be with an unforgettable tip of the top hat, cinch of the corset, and a splash of absinthe poured over a silver spoon.

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