Nimby makes 5

Come celebrate NIMBY’s 5 Year Anniversary in their new 64,000 square foot location.

Who can believe they have been doing it wrong for 5 years running?

March 28th
9 pm
$10 ‘donation’ to enter

The line-up

The Golden Mean the Giant Iron Snail

Life Size Mouse Trap
Esmerelda Strange
Rose Harden
Wink and Yoni
Live art by Jordan Fillers
Art by the Museum of Unnatural Selection
Brian Kenny Fresno
The Therm robots
Glen Meadmore Disgusting Spectacle
Art by Orion Fredricks
DJ Big Daddy
DJ Zeljko
Matt Wirth’s Popcorn Booth
Art by Janine Miller …….and more

8410 Amelia Sreet, E. Oakland

info and directions can be found:
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