Carney Wagon gets a roof rack

Once you have a truck like this you start to wish you had just a bit more space. I kept looking at all that space on top of the cab waisted to air and thought i’d be a great place for things like bikes, barrels, 10 more crew, a tent trailer less the wheels, a lawn chair and a beer, or another art car. So Hino and I set out to make a roof rack. 6.5′ x 7.5! It’s bigger than a full size truck bed. Ladders on the sides. Next mods to the truck will be a jib crane on the back and a platform on the top of the box. A kitchen box off the bottom and a awning would be nice as well.

Cadilac Motorhome


While out looking at a new truck for the Boiler Bar crew we spotted this DIY gem today. Note the spare tire behind the driver seat.

Here are pictures of the truck we want to get.
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