Cheri “Rat Girl” Needs Help!

Cheri is in Turkey in need of surgery and needs our help! The operation is only $2000, which is a lot of money there, but very little for us rich American friends!

Danny Girl has set up a pay pal account below. It should only take:

  1. 15 of us who really care @ $100 each
  2. 20 who care, but are too poor @ $20 each
  3. 20 who will give up a fancy beer @ $4 each
  4. 20 who only have pocket change @ $1 each
  5. The rest of you can pay for the flowers.


You are here to help our mutual friend Cheri “RatGirl” ! Thanks for coming! We all love her for different reasons, some for her creativity, some for her warped sense of humor, some for her sense of adventure, and some of us don’t even know why we love her but we just do! please use the paypal button to donate or email Dannygirl at if pay-pal is inconvenient. Thanks again, you all rule. –D.G.


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When Cheri went in for her Biopsy it came to the attention of her Surgeons that her Appendix was perforated, and they rushed her into surgery. They removed her appendix, as well as the tumors and Ovarian cyst. Her infection was one of the worst that the surgeons had ever seen, so that is what Cheri is dealing with now. She came home Monday, and is getting lots of rest and injectable antiBiodics and Iron. She is very weak and tired, but very greatful to all of her friends. If we hadn’t raised the money for her, she may not have gone in for the biopsy when she did, and may not have found the infection until too late. so far we have raised $3,500! I think we should keep raising until Cheri is completely in the clear. The amount we have received so far will cover her current expenses, but she is likely to have more medical bills later, not to mention rent money while she is unable to work. Thanks again to all those who care and all those who donated. Love to you all, Dg
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