The 2011 Oscars with Skywalker Ranch

Tron was up for an Oscar for sound editing  this year. Gwendolyn Yates Whittle & Addison Teague along with the their team from Skywalker Ranch that included Kyrsten Mate, got to attend along with their families.

More pictures of the night

Kyrsten & Jon on the red carpet. We had a lot of fun and I was so proud of my wife! I got to see lots of stars and hang out with real Oscar winners! The Oscar itself is very heavy. Looking forward to one on our mantel soon.

Gary and Kyrsten with the Oscar he won

Lora Hirschberg, Gary A. Rizzo and Ed Novick all took home Oscars for sound mixing on Inception

Skywalker crew and family ready for the Oscars

Jana Vance, Maya, Cecile Benson, Denise Thorpe, Kyrsten Mate

Steve Boeddeker, Phil Benson,  Mac Smith, Jon Sarriugarte, Dustin Cawood


Eli Wallach is saying to Kyrsten “You look gorgeous in that dress! Gorgeous!” No joke!



Schick Machine with Mechanical Sound by Artist Matt Heckert

Commissioned by Stanford Lively Arts  and Meyer Sound Labs

Please Join Us for the World Premiere of

The Paul Dresher Ensemble Production of

Schick Machine


Matt Heckert is a long time friend from SRL’s olden days. He has gone on to do some amazing sound installations. This should be an amazing bio mechanical performance.

Collaboratively created by:
Paul Dresher –  Composer, Instrument Inventor and Builder
Steven Schick  – Performer/Percussionist
Rinde Eckert – Director/Writer
Matt Heckert – Mechanical Sound Artist
Daniel Schmidt – Instrument Inventor & Builder
Tom Ontiveros – Lighting & Production Design
Gregory Kuhn – Sound Design & Engineering

The mysteriously-packed subterranean workshop of the (possibly mad,  possibly genius) inventor, sound collector and audio philosopher Lazlo Klangfarben.  His invention:  the Schick Machine – an uber-algorhytm, a logic instrument made from a giant motorized hurdy gurdy that produces heavenly sounds, a deconstructed pipe organ played with electrical mallets, and indescribable metal machines that seem to be  alive.  You ask:  “What IS this stuff?

Paul Dresher returns to Lively Arts with the World Premiere of an evening-length solo musical theater work for virtuoso percussionist Steven Schick. Noted for his ability to integrate diverse musical influences into a unique and communicative personal style, Dresher has invented and built large-scale musical instruments that will transform the stage of Dinkelspiel Auditorium into an environment in which every object and surface is sonically active. The composition synthesizes the latest percussion sounds, performance aesthetics, and instruments into a new realm of choreographic, sculptural, and theatrical engagement.

471 Lagunita Dr, Stanford University, PALO ALO
FOR TICKETS PHONE: 650-725-ARTS (2787)
Or on-line at
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