KSW rollout November 12th 2011


Kinetic Steam Works



The Serpent Twins

This is a great event to bring your kids to. Learn the basics of steam engines, see some great Machine art, eat food, drink beer and watch the kids imagine what they are going to do when they grow up.

Railroad Revival Tour… Oakland

The Railroad Revival Tour with Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Mumford & Sons, and Old Crow Medicine Show, started its first journey last Thursday with a concert in our corner of West Oakland. The Golden Mean and the crew got a chance to perform and see the show and what a hoot it was!
Great to meet some of the band members and play with the kids. We all throughly enjoyed a relaxing show with a great promotion company, music crew and audience. Great day!

More pictures

Old Crow Medicine Show

Wish we could have seen more of this band. Their music has been the sound track to the Snail car and the Front Porch for the last 2 years! Next time this tour happens they need to hook up a few flat beds to the train for us to take our toys on!


Happy Birthday Lydia! Wish I was still 22!

Zolie Kyrsten & I on the Golden Mean enjoying a beautiful sunset over San Francisco bay from the lower bottoms of West Oakland


KSW Vintage Powered Industrial Art

Please Join me and the Golden Mean for a show and tell of wondrous creatures from present and past.

Vintage steam power, kinetic art, industrial art, and education, creatively connected!

KSW ROLL OUT Nov 14th, 2009

Come see the Golden Mean and Our new Electrobite

and come see us at our Turkey shoot fundraiser Nov 28th




Next Saturday Noon to 10pm West Oakland’s new Steam Shop is the place to be!

Easy freeway access! First exit off the Bay Bridge. Easy parking. Bring those pumpkins you never got around to carving and chop them up in the Guillotine!

Come hungry and thirsty. Wait till you see what the merch crew has been putting together.

THIS JUST IN: We’ll be able to offer letters of donation on site for anyone seeking a tax write off!

Now is the time for steamdorks to unite!
2525 Mandela Parkway, Oakland
(Right across the street from the Brown Sugar Kitchen)

Come experience tons & tons of steam powered contrivances! Join us in celebration of our new STEAM HQ and our new Non-Profit status! Fun for the whole family!

Bring your pumpkins, have a steam stirred margarita!
-“Pappy” The mighty 15ton Steam Tractor from 1917
-“Hortense” the hot rod of Steam Traction Engines circa 1920
-The bone-crushing “Dingus”
-The Double Decker Sky Box
-Wicked water cannon
-The Golden Mean A Giant Iron Snail Car
-Our very own steam powered sewing machine
-***and introducing: The Gory Pumpkin Guillotine!***


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