Hogan Restoration and Test

I will be showing this at Dorkbot next week!




Thanks to Omega Recoil crew, Alan and Tackett for help in restoring this amazing piece of history!

Restoration Photos

Test Photo’s

Oudin Resonator

This Related post has more pictures of where I found it and links to paperwork for it.

Hogan High Frequency Apparatus


I found this gem at the CBA smithing conference this weekend! Was left outside for a few years, but looks to be in working order. I found a few articles about it, but could use some more insight before we fire it up. Hoping to have it ready for the May Day Party this weekend!

Settings on theĀ  Hogan High frequency apparatus made by McIntosh Electrical Corporation include: Tesla coil, d’Arsonval Solenoid, and Oudin resonator.

Great site: Electrotherapy Museum

Hogan Electrotherapeutic Machine

McIntosh Hogan Oudin Resonator Cabinet

Old Ad

Pictures of one

More pictures of mine



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