California Blacksmith Association April 23-26 in Petaluma


The CBA is a wonderful organization that shares the tradition of blacksmithing. It’s not often we get to have it so close to the Bay Area. If you have interest in starting, or want to learn more this is the event for you. This group will share everything they know and teaching stations will be setup everyday of the event.

I will be there with the Snail Art Car the Golden Mean


CBA Spring Conference


Claudio Bottero, Piombino-Dese, Italy
Jadran and Martino Stenico, Rome, Italy
Eric Clausen, Oakland, California
Toni Standteiner, Truckee, California
Jill Turman, Alameda, California
Andrew Kyte, Berkeley, California

Craftsman Workshop of the Future Contest Winners

Here are the winners of the Craftsman Workshop of the Future Contest ! The grand prize of $20,000 in tools brought out lots of amazing entries. All sorts of fantastic creations came out of the woodwork and here at Instructables we were delighted to see what people came up with.

After all the entries came in there were three rounds of voting and judging. The first round of public voting selected 30 Round 2 finalists. The first round of judging then narrowed those down to 15 Round 3 finalists. Finally, Craftsman judged the Round 3 finalists and has selected the grand prize winner as well as the runners-up who will be receiving $500 worth of tools each.

These 11 Instructables are amazing and well worth checking out for inspiration for your next project. But don’t stop there. Be sure to check out the rest of the entries and get ready to show the world something fantastic all your own.

The Snail Car the Golden Mean Was one of the 10 Runner-ups


See all the winners here

PTDR 2008 Big Wheel Places 1st!

Power Tool Drag Races

The Big Wheel 15′ Drag racer built by myself a few years back took 1st place (design) at the races held at Ace Auto in SF. Alan and I both got a chance to race and we actually won a race! We strongly believe we lost the rest of the races due to the wind, uphill course, lack of quality 110v power, wrong t-shirt, lack of support form our sponsors, not enough NITROUS, no cheerleaders, too little red, white and blue, and the fact that we ran the bar. Next race we plan to incorporate more smoke in hopes no will notice were not really moving too fast. The fire behind our seat in the last race helped distract the attention away from the real winner significantly.

I’m really glad I have such great friends that put on such great events! Make sure to support these events by any means necessary!

Big thanks to John, Big Daddy, Hal, Katie Bell, the bands, the racers and especially to Charlie, and Puney.

The Bar raised a bunch of Money for Todd! Here is the next event for him.


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Scott Beale
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