Amy Jenkins

I had diner with my good friend Amy Jenkins last week and was impressed at the handmade toys she made.

Take a look at her site here

and her flicker set

Amy: I wanted to make a resin model kit to sell. 1998. And to make my Trekkie college friends laugh. Had just been laid off from job in model shop at industrial design prototyping company (Plynetics).
I made 6 panels- styrene sheets with model kit parts that fit together as a cube. Then made silicone molds for each, and cast the panels in resin.
It also needed to “do” something – I was trying to develop Action Feature Model Kits at that time. (Trademark rejected for “common words”)
That hole in the side is actually a little door that slides shut. On the opposite side of the cube is a plunger and inside is a spring- it shoots out a tiny planet. I made about 3 or 4 of em and practiced different paint jobs on each.
Approx 4″ x 4″ x 4″
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