Instructable for a Fire Garden

Let me know if you need a kit to build your own

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Post Valentines Day Show

Hot Love


Someone drew this Valentines heart in the sand of one of my Fire Gardens.

I had a wonderful time eating great food, talking and watching wonderful fire and light art. I’m always so inspired by the things I see my friends make. Shows like this remind me why I live in the Bay Area.

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Fire Art below by Zach Wetzel and  Dave Andres of Therm

Sputnik Fire Garden


The Sputnik Fire Garden. A satellite you’ll want to orbit around on chilly nights.

These are made from recycled Halon spheres from ship board fire fighting systems. I added my Hand forged Pan legs and a rail to kick your feet on.

These Gardens are setup to run on propane and can also be setup to run natural gas. Shown here on the highest setting (yellow flame) they can also be turned down to a flickering blue flame. With a set of my hand forged tools you can write in the sand and make amazing fire art. It’s both warm and entertaining!

Contact me if you’d like to own one for your own yard.

Rentals are avalible for these, the Boiler Bar, and Stage for events and parties.
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