The Golden Zeppelini Instructable

Here is my new Instructable for my latest creation.

The Golden Zeppelini

Thanks for the votes! Now it’s up to the Judges.

I won 1st place!!!

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The Golden Zeppelini

The Golden Zeppelini

The Build

The Instructable

photo by: Christopher Michel

In high school I was friends with the great grand daughter of Rommel the Desert Fox. She told me a story then she had heard about Mussolini’s top secret rigid air ship program in the 1930’s. I did some research last year in preparation for a BM grant and found this incredible airship. Modeled after the German program with help from them. Their ship was much smaller and covered in a gold finish. A later discovery of the crew outfits was a wonderful surprise and of course they had surpassed the the German’s ten fold.

Dusty original discovered!

Finished and ready for flight!

Full crew

Golden Mean and the Zeppelini
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