Alice in Wonderland

This post was written by Form & Reform on March 5, 2010
Posted Under: Entertainment Announcements

My wife got us an invite to see Alice in Wonderland last night at Skywalker sound where she works. It opens toady and is worth seeing. I really liked the visuals in 3d! I’ve been thinking about mushrooms for the snail for quite sometime and I think it might be time to add them to the set. Of course they will have some rivets and fire! The story was enjoyable, but not really “Alice in Wonderland” I think “Alice takes Wonderland II” would have fit this not dark enough and verbally to easy to follow tale of love and war. Johnny Depp’s  hip hop Irish jig at the end has to go. You can see us, the Snail and maybe a mushroom or 3 at Beyond Wonderland March 20th

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