Burning Man is Christmas

This post was written by Form & Reform on August 21, 2009
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After years of doing Burning Man I’ve decided it’s the Christmas holiday for bay area artists. We all stress out the weeks before making the perfect artistic gifts, getting the right swag, buying new outfits, deciding who your going to spend it with, prepping the food and drinks, inviting your friends, then loading your car with way more crap then you need and driving way too far to sit, talk, eat and get drunk. You don’t even have to like the holiday, but yet out of tradition and despite your grumpy anti BM ramblings, you participate and go. Then there’s the people who say they are going and then get too busy or something comes up. I look at them and think this is Christmas, why would you work on a holiday? You see I am a burner and here is my art update and just some of the people I will be sharing my holidays with.


Electrobite Horn and eyes

Updated photos here



Tansy forming the eyes for casting


Jon hammering out the panels for the head


Lauren rewiring the Snail


New dash with lots of switches and dials to make Jon happy

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