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Electrobite at Burning Man

Sarriugarteis (Odontochile) trilobite


Dust free just out of the truck.


People would walk up and ask if it was remote controlled. When I pointed out the leather seat and the joy stick they couldn’t believe you could drive it. Lots of smiling faces when we let them try it out.


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Flickr set

Electrobite progress

Amy’s seat, Kyrsten’s lights, lots of sleeplittle nights and we are done! Off to BM to show it off tonight. I posted more picture to my flickr site. Looking forward to sitting in a chair and drinking beer for a week.



Patina is done and boy does it look great! We always have to pray to the patina gods before , but the problem this time was me grabbing the wrong chemical bottle. Little too brown for Kyrsten’s taste, but beautiful none the less.

Mike came by to wire up the lights last night, and Amy brought by the finnished seat… wow! I’m looking forward to seeing all the parts: eyes, seat, and lights together on the car at once.

More pictures



Up till 6am and all the fabrication work is done! Now for the patina, paint and lights.


New Picturesdsc_0456




Kyrsten’s rivets look great! All the forged textures and hand hammered sheet metal look great together. As I make something this complex it’s some times hard to see ahead to make sure it’s all going to work together. Today was one of those days that I felt it did. Might feel different once I turn it over and start on the tail but today the head worked for me. Kyrsten started on the lighting by building the battery box for the cutest little 12v 7amp hr gel cell. All it’s going to do is run LED so it should last the entire week for Burning Man. Had a minor time set back today when I had to visit the ER to have some metal removed from my eye. It was quiet there and we were back by lunch. Still a bit painful, but eyes heal fast.


sheet metal wood and a hammer


Can’t wait to see Tansy’s eyes in place and Amy’s leather seat!

More pictures here

Burning Man is Christmas

After years of doing Burning Man I’ve decided it’s the Christmas holiday for bay area artists. We all stress out the weeks before making the perfect artistic gifts, getting the right swag, buying new outfits, deciding who your going to spend it with, prepping the food and drinks, inviting your friends, then loading your car with way more crap then you need and driving way too far to sit, talk, eat and get drunk. You don’t even have to like the holiday, but yet out of tradition and despite your grumpy anti BM ramblings, you participate and go. Then there’s the people who say they are going and then get too busy or something comes up. I look at them and think this is Christmas, why would you work on a holiday? You see I am a burner and here is my art update and just some of the people I will be sharing my holidays with.


Electrobite Horn and eyes

Updated photos here



Tansy forming the eyes for casting


Jon hammering out the panels for the head


Lauren rewiring the Snail


New dash with lots of switches and dials to make Jon happy

Electrobite vs sleep

Who needs sleep. Lots of late nights and things are starting to take shape. After looking though more pictures on flicker trilobite pool I’m going to have to make more of these! One for each one of our family minimum. So many shapes, spikes,.horns, wiggly things, leathery winged horns with multi pitted eyes.


There are going to be lots of jokes about that controllers placement!


The head sheet metal is cut and ready to install. Kyrsten’s patterning and cuts look great.


Here’s the texture were thinking to add to the head.


Kyrsten and Zolie test driving the new controller.

More pictures

Art Car progression


Mid body is done and hoops for the frame are done. Now it’s time to fill in the sheet metal head and tackle the ribs on the rear potion of the body. After staring at pictures of millions of years of these things I finally¬† found a set of rules to follow to make it look real. This thing is going to look like a fossil in the dust on the playa at BM.


Amy Jenkins came by to discuss the leather seat she’s going to make for us. The leather Kyrsten picked out matches the steel perfect. Amy is going to match the ribs we made in steel with leather. hopefully¬† it won’t even look like a vehicle.


Underside of the shell


More Pictures

The Golden Meandsc_0822

Lauren and Alan have finished the engine rebuild. Rebuild carb, valve adjustment, new 85amp alternator, ignition, gaskets, main seal, clutch, throw out bearing, heater hoses for heat in the snail, oil pan, oil change, and a fair amount of new chrome and paint! Should run like new. Tansy got quite a bit done on the new dash, and Christopher and I almost finished the Carney Wagon hitch and wiring. Still have a long list and 2 weeks to go.

More Pictures

Electrobite shell

Kyrsten and I are working everyday now tring to get her done before the end of the month. We made all of the ribs for the mid body shell yeasterday and I plan to weld them into place today.dsc_0698

Here I’m fullering the ends of the ribs. Kyrsten later added a rivet to the end of each one so we can hang with the cool steampunk kids later. She’s always so up on the latest metal fashion!


Grinding the parts.


New shell ready for welding. This is going to be fun to ride!

More pictures here
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