California Blacksmith Ass. Octoberfest this weekend

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The first weekend in oct the CBA gets together at Fritz Hagist to camp, cook, drink and…. oh yea blacksmith. We call it Oktoberfest.

Lead Demonstrator ~ Frank Turley, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Frank Turley has taught blacksmithing for more than 30 years at his school.  Some of the biggest names in blacksmithing have studied under his tutelage.  He will demonstrate Hispanic Gothic “claraboya” and a Mexican “aldaba” among other things, and will bring copies of the book he co-wrote on colonial Spanish blacksmithing.
Workshop Demonstrator ~ Dan Romo, Oakland, California
Dan romo’s specialty is applying patinas to the work of other metal smiths.  He uses cold and hot chemicals with a clear paste wax finish.  He will be demonstrating his techniques and provide opportunities for us to try them out.
CBA Education Workshop ~ Mark Aspery, Springville, California
Welded collar & tools & math (as on Level III grill).  Forging set-ups will be available for beginners between sessions.

The weekend before a smaller group sets up the whole thing, then we cook, drink, and shoot the shit.

Here we are at beer:30 after a hard day in the woods setting up showers, tents, a full industrial kitchen, pig roaster, and Oyster cooker! I’m looking forward to this weekend with Kyrsten Zolie and all the CBA crew.


Reader Comments

Hey Fritz;
Great to see you’re so healthy looking after all these years. I’ll never forget that wonderful time you gave me taking me around to see some of your artist-craftsman neighbors. Sounds like you’re still in your old shop. Most moves for most of us more often end up as more lost time than “moves ups”.
Check out a former neighbor of mine on Google, William F. “Bill” Moran, knife maker of Middletown, Maryland. He was one of the 27 original founders of ABANA and in 1976 founded the American Blade Smith Society among many other accomplishments. Two years, 4 months ago I got at auction his house on Braddock Mountain. I’m attempting to turn it into a sort of mini blacksmithing school and meeting place. To deal with “Beyond oil” much of our thinking will have to go back to pre 1900 life styles with locally produced food and the little schools and churches, many of which still exist scattered all over the eastern U. S. perhaps enhanced by things like the internet.
I,m still at 21118 Mousetown Road, P. O. Box 51, Boonsboro, Maryland 21713 Tel. 301 432 5789 or at Moran’s 301 371 7543. Love to hear from you. I turned 72 last week and so far can still do most of what I always did.
Very Truly Yours,
The Rat Town Rodent on Mousetown Road

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