Art Car progression


Mid body is done and hoops for the frame are done. Now it’s time to fill in the sheet metal head and tackle the ribs on the rear potion of the body. After staring at pictures of millions of years of these things I finally¬† found a set of rules to follow to make it look real. This thing is going to look like a fossil in the dust on the playa at BM.


Amy Jenkins came by to discuss the leather seat she’s going to make for us. The leather Kyrsten picked out matches the steel perfect. Amy is going to match the ribs we made in steel with leather. hopefully¬† it won’t even look like a vehicle.


Underside of the shell


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The Golden Meandsc_0822

Lauren and Alan have finished the engine rebuild. Rebuild carb, valve adjustment, new 85amp alternator, ignition, gaskets, main seal, clutch, throw out bearing, heater hoses for heat in the snail, oil pan, oil change, and a fair amount of new chrome and paint! Should run like new. Tansy got quite a bit done on the new dash, and Christopher and I almost finished the Carney Wagon hitch and wiring. Still have a long list and 2 weeks to go.

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Electrobite shell

Kyrsten and I are working everyday now tring to get her done before the end of the month. We made all of the ribs for the mid body shell yeasterday and I plan to weld them into place today.dsc_0698

Here I’m fullering the ends of the ribs. Kyrsten later added a rivet to the end of each one so we can hang with the cool steampunk kids later. She’s always so up on the latest metal fashion!


Grinding the parts.


New shell ready for welding. This is going to be fun to ride!

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Electrobite work gets underway

We are now in full work mode on the Electrobite car. Frame is done for the seat and today I forged the points for the head loop. We upgraded the wheels after our playa tests last month. I don’t think we will have any problems now, and the slightly bigger size makes it even faster.



Zolie and I hauling away the “extra” parts from the wheelchair we started with.


Tansy’s glass test for the eyes! Wow this is going to be great looking! Kyrsten ordered RGB LED’s to put behind.

Kyrsten’s new Electrobite


Kyrsten has drummed up a new project for us this summer called Electrobite Olenoides based on a Trilobite. Zolie Kyrsten and I started work on it yesterday. Zoile is really handy and started tighten the bolts with a wrench with very little instruction. Going to have to send her to finishing school soon so she can learn to sand and paint too. This is going to fun to ride next to the snail car!
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