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Please join the The Boiler Bar and more at:

Please join us as we celebrate yet another season of art and fun.
$16 donation and up
Extra action Marching band
2pir back from Denmark
Tiger Honey pot
The Can Cannibals
The Traveling Wonders of The Boiler Bar
The Derailers
The Merkins
Alex Nolan’s Solar Sound Sculpture SOL
The Disgusting Spectacle
Work by Hett
Work by Feng Jin
Work by Clody Gates
Work in progress by Carl Heiney- Rajaphant Work in progress by¬† Bruce Tomb- Maria Del Camino Work in progress by Gimpy’s Hotrods- 1929 Model AA work by Zsuzsanna Laszlo Works in progress by Ilana Spector and Mark Grieve The Fountain of American Truth by John Porter Chriss Schardt’s 4pyre2 Work by Spy Emerson Photo Boof And much much more!!
If you think nobody cares, miss a payment Bike racks provided Close to BART come on down, the water is great!
Find us on Facebook
Find us in Oakland at 8410 Amelia Street off 85th
Find us on the web
whatever you do, find yourself here, October 16th, 2010

Please forward this to your friends, your friends friends and maybe a few people you just want to see get out and have a good time.

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